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In 40 days, get ready to...

Discover your true self

Inquire within to find clarity in what matters most to you

Live and lead without fear

Do the work and get the power to overcome your fear

Make lasting transformation

Go beneath the surface for a whole-life revolution, not a quick fix

Trying to make a change,
but can't make it stick?

  • Searching without knowing exactly what you want?
  • Not going after your dream career, due to fear of failure?
  • Diets and self-help programs don't make you feel better?
  • Holding on to bad habits to fill a void?

If this sounds familiar,
you're in the right place!

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It's time to stop temporary fixes and make a personal revolution

Hi, I'm Baron Baptiste. Growing up, I’ve always been around yoga. My parents would invite famous yogis to come and stay at our home, and we would go to India often for research. Practicing and teaching yoga became a natural way of life for me.

But as an adult, I felt as though the yoga process was failing me. What was supposed to produce miracles in my life just wasn’t. Without realizing it, I had bought into the notion that something outside myself could “fix” me. The practices were calming me down a bit on the surface, but they were not enough. Something deep down was still missing. My soul felt empty, my relationships weren’t really working, and in many ways, my life felt futile. I knew I needed something more.

Many of us reach this point, yet somehow we get good at masking it. When someone asks us how we are doing, we automatically say, “Really great. . . things are so good ... no complaints,” but the truth underneath says otherwise. Eventually we can’t fake being healthy or spiritual or pretend that “everything is just fine” any longer, and we either land in an emotional fetal position, ask for help, or both.

In my most desperate moment, from somewhere deep in my soul, I asked for help. I had heard the phrase “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door of your mind will open.” It took a humbling emotional pain to understand what that really meant. I asked and I knocked and a door was opened. It didn’t swing open, as I had hoped; it barely cracked an inch. But that tiny crack provided me with the light I needed to see the truth. I finally started to see that real health means wholeness on all levels and a deep and true connection to what is most sacred: the truth within our hearts. I realized that in order for my life to really change, I needed to be willing to surrender all the parts of myself for transformation. It wasn’t enough to just work my body and my life on the surface; I needed to look within, take responsibility for my own path, and completely overhaul everything from the inside out.

Once I woke up and really got it that I couldn’t just throw myself into the mechanics of the practice without also seeking wholeness and expect to feel better, I began to see the real gifts yoga can offer. In the end, yoga is not a magic cure-all, but the way it challenges our bodies, moves our stuck emotional energy, clears our mind, and inspires us to seek and live in truth can be a catalyst for amazing growth. The style of yoga I practice and teach, which I call Baptiste Power Yoga, is ultimately a system of physical, mental, and spiritual awakening that integrates the whole person, on every level.

Baron Baptiste

Don't wish for it. Work for it.

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What is 40 Days to Personal Revolution

This program is designed to challenge your personal philosophy and your body so that you can tap unknown resources within yourself. Very often after someone or something challenges us we say, “I learned a lot from that experience, but I wouldn’t have chosen it.” It could be some physical challenge that came our way, a failed relationship, or a career decision. When something pushes back at us and bumps us against the fabric of our own being, it forces us to examine who we are and how we see things. In those moments, we can see and start to live in truth, which is the beginning and real basis for any lasting transformation.

Once we accept responsibility for ourselves, we can become our own teachers, healers, and motivators. I can promise you that once you take full responsibility and spark your inner revolution with full consciousness, the practices you learn in this program will never fail you. Never. You won’t need drugs, surgery, machines, or miracles to transform. All you will need is yourself and your new understanding of what it really means to live an awakened and truthful life.

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How it works

40 Days to Personal Revolution Digital is an online program designed to gradually liberate your true nature. By fully committing to every facet of this program, you will bring your life into full realization of power, joy and inspiration. The program includes:

Weekly video calls with me

Participate in weekly lessons with me through a live, digital video call. In addition, you will be meeting digitally in a breakout session weekly for inquiry work and sharing on your experiences in the program.

Participant packet

Receive a participant packet to guide you through the program and keep track of your progress

Global Support Community

Get support and support other participants from around the world through group calls and engagement in the private forums.

Accountability plan

Commit to the program's accountability plan by sharing your progress with others

Join from anywhere

Attend online from anywhere in the world via your computer, tablet, or mobile device

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What to expect

For 40 days, you'll be committing to the following


    You'll commit to building a daily Baptiste Power Yoga practice gradually starting with a 20 minute daily practice and building up to a 90 minute practice.


    You'll commit to developing a daily personal meditation practice starting with a 5 minute meditation twice a day and building up to 30 minute meditation twice a day.


    You'll commit to maintaining a diet log for the duration of the program, making every effort to follow the guidelines provided in my book including a 3 day fruit cleanse.


    You’ll commit to maintaining a journal of experiences, feelings and practices using the excavating questions for each week as a guide for journaling and to using my journal reflections as insight to share with the group on the weekly breakout sessions.


    You'll commit to reading my 40 Days to Personal Revolution book throughout the program as assigned each week. If you don't own the book, you can get it here.


    You'll commit to empowering yourself and others during this program.

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Weekly Themes


    Seek the Truth

    Be Willing to Come Apart


    Step out of Your Comfort Zone

    Commit to Growth


    Shift Your Vision

    Drop What You Know


    Relax with What Is

    Remove the Rocks


    Don’t Rush the Process

    Be True to Yourself


    Be Still and Know

    Understand That the Whole Is the Goal

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What people are saying about
40 Days to Personal Revolution

This is a gamechanger!!!

"This book is pretty much the bible for any vinyasa style yoga teacher training... I’ve done 4 yoga teacher training certifications.... this book was required EVERY TIME!!! And let me say it is a game changer, mentally and physically it will change your life and I highly recommend it. It gives you different weekly challenges through diet and exercise for self reflection, and you learn a new form of mindfulness and meaning in life."

Adrienne S.

I felt a sense of freedom that I have never felt before

"My goal for the entire program was to break down my wall of fear. During week three, I experienced a breakthrough on my yoga mat. After a particularly warm discussion with my personal revolution group, tears suddenly started flowing down my face, and I felt a sense of freedom that I have never felt before. Those tears washed away any sort of fear or anxiety inside me. I learned to respond versus react, and to also remember that I am a warrior."

Kasia Litwinski

Life changing 40 days

"Really easy and enlightening read. I saw a copy of this book in my yoga centre and after reading a few pages I HAD to get my own copy. Looking forward to 40 days of life change 😊"

Maria Scotland

A life changing program if you commit

"I did this with a class at a local Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate Studio, which may have colored my impressions of it. On its own, it is pretty good, and has some great insights, but probably not too much you haven't heard before if you are interested in spirituality and yoga. For me, though, this program really helped with the mind/body/soul connection, and helped me establish some life changing habits and rid myself of some unhealthy patterns and thoughts. Our group had a nutritionist as one of the leaders, and that was really helpful-- we started just with "clean eating" then moved into veganism and the fruit fast, slowly adding foods back in towards the end. I'd recommend checking it out on its own, for sure, but if you can find a studio that is offering this as a program, DO IT!"


Want to open your heart, mind & spirit?

"I have been practicing Baptiste Power Yoga for the past yrs with Baptiste Certified teachers. Have learned so much!!! The practice is SO MUCH MORE than just exercise. My studio is offering a Forty Day program using this book. I signed up for the class, bought the book, and started reading. Highly Recommend. Can’t wait for our exploration in class."


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