How to Create Change in Your Community Now!

Written by Certified Baptiste Teacher and FIT to Lead Participant, Melissa Leach

I attended the first Level 3 with Baron in 2011. He opened the session by asking, “What is your life for?” In that moment, I knew that this week was going to be a game-changer. What I got to–after a week of intense physical and mental work–was that my life is of service.

I soon after connected with Gina Garcia, founder of Yoga Across America, and started teaching classes serving veterans, active-duty service and family members, yoga for youth, and classes for people in addiction recovery programs. I observed the profound impact Baptiste Yoga has on people, without their having to step foot in a yoga studio.

The Baptiste Foundation is the Baptiste Institute’s new non-profit organization, aimed to create new partnerships and access to the transformational power of Baptiste Yoga, bringing yoga to everyone, everywhere. Baron’s vision and commitment to transforming the world through yoga has inspired me to go beyond the walls of a studio to serve. The Baptiste Foundation is rooted in what’s possible in being for others in our local communities. You can make the greatest impact from right where you are: YOUR community’s veterans, YOUR hospitals, YOUR schools. If you look and listen for what’s needed near you, you will be able to give tools that make a difference, right now.

Consider this your personal invitation. If you’ve wanted to make a difference for people in your community but haven’t known where or how to begin, this is it. You have the power to change the way things are occurring around you. You don’t have to keep going on like business as usual, wishing that someone would do something about it. You are that someone.

And we have the perfect day for you to start:

Bmoved is a one-day global yoga event by the Baptiste Foundation. On September 26, 2015, thousands of people will come together all over the world to practice yoga for others. You select where and what time. You decide what it looks like. You become the change you wish to see in your community.

Our goal is to raise $500,000.

Through raising funds for your local non-profit and for the Baptiste Foundation, you create opportunities–ones that weren’t there before. You are essential to creating global change. Join your fellow difference makers–from California to London to South Africa–for one unprecedented day where we show the world the collective power of yoga and community.