Albany Yoga Project

1908 Dawson Road, Albany, GA, USA

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412 719-2071

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About The Studio

What are we up to with @albanyyogaproject?

Global things and we are READY NOW!

Our goal is to give up everything we must in order to be intentional as a contribution to the Sowega community by identifying what it needs.

Albany Yoga Project is OUR non-profit. I repeat OUR non-profit.  As in a COMMUNITY, as in we are all connected.

We are a YES for any yoga teacher/organization or ANY ONE in our community to become part of our vision.

Our mission statement is  “Connecting our community one pose at a time”.

Our purpose is to provide yoga to entities such as public schools, other non-profits, prisons etc. and community organizations. We are intentional on serving the lives of those that are at risk of poverty and instability in the most humankind ways, filling the space with kindness and leaving people in their greatness.

With our latest Pop-Up craze we are generating inspiration and raising funds to pay for those services and purchase mats until we have our first grant completed.

We are living our learning process, creating the listening, and have our hearts open for knowledge in navigating the non-profit world so that we can reach every heart of Sowega.