Baptiste Power Yoga Pittsburgh

840 Allegheny River Blvd, Oakmont, PA 15139, USA

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About The Studio


Our Mission at Baptiste Power Yoga Pittsburgh

is to empower you to choose the life you

want to live from a place of vitality and power.

To leave you feeling seen and heard and to challenge you to be accountable for changing the conversation.


To create an atmosphere of community where students come to discover what’s possible in their body and in their life, leading them to see that love for oneself is the pathway to living an empowered life. 


that we are ALIGNED with and BELIEVE in:

Community ✺ Intention ✺ Service


We believe that connection is the core to creating a community. 

We aim to create an environment where students can come as they are and get a sense of belonging. 

We are a GLOCAL community at Baptiste Power Yoga Pittsburgh while we are located in Pittsburgh, the Baptiste community is world wide. We are intentional on bringing Baptiste Yoga in it’s purest form by being a home for Baptiste Certified teachers that have a deep rooted understanding of creating community. 


Be Intentional in creating the physical foundation of the pose & being up to something bigger than yourself.


keeps us grounded in the work. 

It allows us to step out into the community with the intention of being up to something bigger. 

It reminds us to see others and gives us the opportunity to create new connections. 

The beauty of our core values is that they are all 3 integrated within one another and work harmoniously together.