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57 Main Street, Chester, NJ, USA

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About The Studio

We Vibe Yoga Lounge we love to ask more of you not less. You will be pushed to grow and seek new edges to explore and move out of comfort zones. We have created a loving and supportive community that stands with each other, roots for each other and holds space for each other to know that anything is possible.


The poses and sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga’s “Journey Into Power” are amazing. Journey into Power offers  something new to discover each time, no matter how many thousands of times you have been in the poses. Inquiry of your body on your mat allows the smallest of adjustments in alignment to completely transform a pose. When  practicing Journey Into Power, you’re never left wanting or needing more. Learn to ask more of yourself by pushing to seek new edges to explore as well as tapping into your own inner power.

The personal inquiry work and meditation practices of Baptiste yoga help uncover things about yourself that were standing in the way of you living an authentic, happy, and connected life to others.

Baptiste yoga is about so much more than a hot, sweaty, vigorous physical practice. It’s about using that practice to peel away and work out all the emotional and physical junk that we pile on ourselves so we can become more empowered, free and loving human beings who can relate to other human beings.