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I’m thrilled to welcome you to the powerfully redesigned baronbaptiste.com!  Over the past months we’ve been working hard to create a place both that reflects and supports our amazing community.  Please take a moment to explore.  You’ll find more news about our community, its leaders, and our transformative programs.  We’ve also made it easier for you to find and connect with Baptiste Affiliated studios and teachers near you.  By popular request, our website’s store is bigger, broader, and better than ever, offering Baptiste apparel, books and merchandise, plus an ever-expanded library of podcasts and other digital products. We’re proud of our new look and design because it’s a reflection of our commitment to you, the people who make our community so powerful and inspiring.  We’re dedicated to growth and innovation, even as we remain firmly rooted in our longstanding passion for and commitment to transforming the planet one person at a time. I’m glad you're here now, and invite you to not only return, but contribute to baronbaptiste.com.  As we develop our Connect Section over the coming weeks, there will be more and greater opportunities for you to shine a bright light on how you or others are lighting up the planet. It's going to be amazing and I can't wait to share the possibility with you all. Baron Baptiste.
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Very Innovative! Very Exciting!

Teresa Hutchison on April 24, 2015

I have always had an interest in yoga, in my faith, in my spirituality, who I can be.
Recent events in my life have altered MY path, MY plan.
I suppose we all search for clarity, Peace, understanding.
Yes I do believe without books without teachers, without counselors, it lies within you, the challenge for balance.
At the same time I am grateful for the blessing of so many beautiful people
I was so greatful to open your book two nights ago…..
From a different place and time in my life the ideas enlightened me…
the door was opened, a tiny tiny crack, but enough to see.
I hope someday to attend a retreat

peacehope on April 24, 2015

Your website is beautiful!
Joan Nichols

Joan S. Nichols on April 24, 2015

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