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Welcome! Or for some of you, I guess it’s more like Welcome Back! If you’ve explored this page before, you probably noticed that it has been lying dormant for quite a while now. Some of you, like myself, may have participated in the recent Digital 40 Days to Personal Revolution program. This powerful online program had over 5100 participants worldwide. It really highlighted that the power, connection and inspiration experienced when we step into a class at a Baptiste affiliate studio or immerse ourselves in a Baptiste program is strengthened by connecting through the online world. And let’s be honest here, it’s pretty awesome to be able to stay connected and inspired from the comfort of your own home. With Digital 40 Days complete, we couldn’t help but notice the amazing online community that came together in only 40 days. It got us here at Baptiste Yoga thinking: How can we keep this connected, passionate community alive 365 days of the year? The answer is simple: The Baptiste Blog. We invite you to think of this blog as your online home away from your affiliate studio and your BPYI programs. It’s an opportunity for you to connect and share with other members of the Baptiste community from all over the world.

Jenn DwyerOk – so maybe now you’re thinking: Who is this writing? Why did they just invite me to their online home without even introducing themselves? Forgive me, but I had to get to the good stuff first - it’s just too exciting. I’m Jenn and I’m writing this from Canada, where I teach and practice at Power Yoga Canada. Three years ago, all I knew about Baron Baptiste was that he taught power yoga and had trained the Philadelphia Eagles. I did some brief research on him in university for an article I was writing on yoga for athletes. I looked him up, wrote a few sentences and that’s pretty much it. Two weeks after the article was submitted, I moved home from school and discovered a new yoga studio just down the street from our house. Sure enough, it was PYC, Canada’s first and only Baptiste Affiliate studio. I took that as a sign. Perhaps Baron’s name and style of yoga was popping up in my life for a reason. The next day, I took my first class. I was hooked. I loved the practice itself, but what really made me fall hard for Baptiste yoga was the community. As I’ve immersed myself further and participated in several BPYI programs, that initial sense of community and connection has only grown stronger.

Level 2 Texas 

In September, I attended Level Two in the Catskills of New York. I was amazed (yet again) at the sense of connection and community that developed in only one week. Spending a week immersed in the practice and surrounded by some of the people in this amazing community filled me with joy. It truly was the best week of my life. And then it ended. We've all felt it, that bittersweet moment where your yoga class or program is over and reality sets in. It’s time to head back home, to our loved ones and also our laundry. We have to say goodbye to our old and new friends. Sure, a part of you is happy to be home but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that initial void after programs, no matter where they are located or how long they last. What if the magic, the connection, the sharing, didn’t have to end? With the re-launch of this blog, I truly believe we can keep it alive. This blog is here to keep the connection going no matter where we are or what we are doing. It is a space that is always available to us. The one thing every Baptiste studio and program I’ve attended has in common is community. That is what makes this practice so special. This is an online space where our community can stick together, keep growing and continue sharing. It is an extension of our strong and passionate community.



We are launching this today with some exciting and powerful tools in store for you. If you’re still reading this, you must be passionate about yoga. Going forward you will find tips from Baron and powerful leaders in our community to gain a better understanding of your practice and continue growth in your teaching and life. If you don’t teach, don’t stop reading! We are all lifelong students and this blog is for everyone, no matter where you are at on your journey! With this blog being for everyone, we aim to unite the global Baptiste community. How do we do this? We share and we connect. You can expect to see teacher spotlights, student features, and even a Baptiste road trip (who's coming with me?) to check out our affiliate studios. And last but not least:  inquiry! Some of the most powerful learnings I have had in programs and in my life have been through the open and honest sharing of others. We want to hear from you (yes, you!). We see this blog growing to include contributions from different members of the community on their experience with Baptiste yoga and how it has influenced their life. We can’t wait to see where this blog takes our community and the most important piece is you! Stay connected. Let us know in the comment section below what you would love to see on this blog! I look forward to growing and sharing with each and every one of you!
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Thank you Jenn!! It’s just what Ive been needing this blog is a great way for me to stay connected with others so I can improve myself on the mat and off my mat. Ive been saying to myself lately ground down when ever I’m teaching or meditating and its helping me slow down letting go and being in the moment so I can teach from a loving place not fear based. So thank you. I will be back.

Monica on April 24, 2015

Just got back from Immersions Vancouver and it was so empowering and enlightening, and yes, I feel a little sadness that is over…hope to go to DC in November…Baron’s words still linger in my mind…be a yes..ready now..give up what you must.. I nod no,no then yes, yes!! Expand, align, and a vision for life, Namste, Can’t wait for my book to arrive..Being of Power..

Page on April 24, 2015

Great Post Jenn!!! -Geralyn:)

Geralyn on April 24, 2015

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