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As I write this post, I'm sitting at my desk with two of my favourite books on the shelf beside me: Journey into Power and 40 Days to Personal Revolution. No matter how many times I read them, I am inspired. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that I've been very excited to get my hands on Baron's new book: Being of Power: The 9 Practices to Ignite an Empowered Life. The wait is almost over. His book will be released on Monday, April 15th (but if you're a keener like me, you can preorder it here). I connected with Baron yesterday to chat about his book, the 9 practices and what Being of Power means to him.  What inspired you to write Being of Power? I recognized a need for this book in seeing people at programs and trainings that I was working with. They were needing practices, tools and a pathway to keep their practice, their own growth and their own transformation continually expanding when they would leave programs. This book gives them the ability to have their practice and their growth available to them at any time and in any place. The tools and the practices are now at their fingertips all the time so that they can live their life from a place of being of power. How did The 9 Practices come to be? Did you develop them through years of facilitating transformation at your trainings or was it something that came to you suddenly?  I really looked at these practices and developed them from two places. Firstly, from my own practice and my own growth. I included the practices that I use the most and that are most essential to my own growth as a human being, a yoga practitioner and a teacher. I saw these practices as my "go to’s". They were the place that I could come back to when I would lose my own power and my center. These are the practices that I personally go to when I need to recover my center or my power in any situation. Also, I noticed that these were the 9 essential practices that worked for other people when I would share these at programs and trainings. In my work with others, I noticed that these were the fundamental practices to reignite someones sense of inner power, strength and confidence and also give them the ability to move forward and live an empowered life. You speak of the 9 Practices as a way to update your life. How do these practices "update" our lives? It’s really a great question. In life we are either expanding or contracting. We’re growing, we're evolving or we're going to our default, automatic pilot, automatic ways of just living or surviving life. This leaves us feeling resigned or in the experience of having lost ourselves. These practices when embodied, lived and put into ones life, have a way of keeping you current, keeping you updated. People who are reading the book for the first time and using these practices for the first time, will have the experience of completely starting new with themselves and their lives. It's a new beginning. They’ll have the experience of being updated or pressing a reset button. The idea is you keep using the practices. You’re living your life as an ongoing refreshing, with an ongoing newness coming into your life. This gives you an aliveness so that you’re living your life in the here and now into the future. You're always fresh, seeing with fresh eyes, always learning, always growing and always expanding. Any practice takes work, we have to commit to it day-after-day. Is there any particular practice out of the 9 that you are really focusing on right now? Right now, I'm really focusing on practice number 9: set your sight on your North Star. This is really present for me right now, setting my sights on my own North Star. It's seeing the future that I’m living into. It's having a vision for my own life - for my personal life as a parent, as a person, as a friend and then into my work life and the work I do in the world. It's about living into my vision for making a difference in the world, empowering people and causing leaders in the world. Keeping my sight on my North Star, my vision, what is important to me and what my life is for, gives me a sense of purpose in my own life. In that purpose, I want to be my best self. I want to live from power and be of power and therefore it actually gives me the desire and yearning to utilize and continue using the other 8 practices which enhance and allow for that 9th practice to be fulfilled. They all work together! What does Being of Power mean to you? In the book I refer to Aristotles definition of being of power. Aristotle said "power is the ability to be and let be". From this ability to be and let be, you get a clean slate or a blank canvas. Being of power gives me the ability to create and be creative in my life and in any situation. If I'm having a difficult interaction with someone, I have the ability to be in the energy of that but let it be. This means I am non-reactive, inwardly composed and give space so I can then create and transform the situation to the way I would want it to be - to have the other person and myself have the experience of being empowered. Being of power is fulfilling my vision for myself and who I want to be. It's really about affirming life and giving up those things that deplete life. You are already known as a powerful teacher and leader. By continuing to implement these practices into your life, where do you see them taking you in the future?
I see these practices as an access to new possibility, to new creative pathways and expressions. I see them as a way to make a difference for people and to awaken people to what is possible. By implementing them, I keep myself expanding and waking up to what's possible. They give me the tools to fulfill a purpose I have in my life which is important to me: to empower leaders and cause leaders in the world who cause other leaders that empower their communities, their families and therefore the planet as a whole. You have an online event on Monday night at 7 PM, is there anything that you would like to share with people who are thinking about joining you? I see this online event on Monday evening as an access to Being of Power for everyone. I invite people to join me and explore some of the practices. We’ll look at three of the practices in the book. We will explore what it is to be a yes. We'll explore what it is to give up and get empty in ways that cause new energy, new vitality, new possibility, and new expanding results. We’ll also explore the 9th practice of setting your sight on your North Star. This gives you access to get more connected to what is important to you, to what is really in your heart and to find a fearless connection to it. We’ll do this on Monday night. We will go deep and expand out wide into every area of your humanity. I invite you to come - it will be time well spent.

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