Stretching Boundaries

If you haven't already seen Monday's blog post on lululemon, you must check it out! Paige Elenson, Senior Baptiste Teacher and Executive Director of the Africa Yoga Project, shares what AYP is about. There is also a video in the post that I encourage you to watch here - seriously, right now! It follows AYP teachers Catherine Njeri, Moses Mbajah and Billy Sadia all the way to Tulum for their week with Baron at Level Three: Beyond Borders.

It's hard to pinpoint just one thing that stuck with me in this video. So many things that they said and shared resonated with me. With what is happening in my life right now, the part of the video that I really connected with was when Moses said:
"People don’t enjoy life these days. They have everything. They have money, big cars, yachts, big houses - but they don’t enjoy life. You might not have all of that but you are full of life. If you learn how to empower others, yah, that’s what the world needs."
People don't enjoy life these days. That's a bold statement, but one that I'm sure rings true for so many of us. I often fall into the trap of taking things for granted. When I operate from this place, my energy is focused very simply on getting by. I am definitely not thinking about empowering others and making a difference in the world. I focus my energy on trying to GET THROUGH life, instead of LIVING it. Moses opened my eyes up to seeing that it's not what I have or who I know or where I am that determines my happiness. It's whether I'm full of life, connecting with others and empowering people along the way. Thank you Catherine, Billy and Moses for sharing so generously. Regardless of what you have, are you FULL OF LIFE?
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Love it Jenn. I hear you loud and clear about “getting through” live. It’s almost as if we submit to survival mode rather than peel back another layer and expose ourselves to life’s grand experience; in all it’s entirety. The video empowers indeed and I can NOT wait for the day that I am able to make my way across the world to be part of something so magnificent.

Diane Clement on April 24, 2015

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