Why Practice Yoga?

This post was written by Desirae Pierce, Certified Baptiste Teacher and owner of Breath and Body Yoga in Austin, TX.
desirae dancer Most students tell us they come to yoga to relieve stress, burn a few calories, alleviate back pain. I started yoga to help with depression after my father passed. It was something Madonna and other Hollywood celebrities were making popular and it was time to give it a try. But why do we really practice everyday? It is true, the hardest part of yoga is coming to the mat, carving time for yoga, to practice. This practice takes many different shapes, sizes, forms, actions. There are times we work the muscles and feel physical relief. There are other times we lay down our life on the mat and emotions surface and then dissipate. But after the final pose, svasana, we feel as if our life has been enhanced with a gift. That gift is “wholeness” a word related to “healthy” and “holy”. The word “yoga” has been translated into union, but union of what? If union is bringing things together, it is really bringing us back to “wholeness.” So why do we practice yoga? Our body and life are meant to be whole, complete and perfect. It is yoga that brings us back to the truest sense of wholeness. This is why I practice everyday.
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