The Project

It’s not that I was needing a project, but something came up today that sparked an “ah ha!” Yesterday I received an email from a colleague and fellow yogi asking if I was interested in piloting and then facilitating a school-wide challenge. “21 Days Without Complaining.” She wrote, “I have often said that it is biologically impossible for teachers to exist without complaining, but I am beginning to change my mind?” What a beautiful shift. As I sifted through my “to grade” pile during morning prep, I decided to engage in a little discussion. “So I’ve agreed to participate in a 21 day challenge.” I shared with my fellow teachers. “No complaining for 21 days.” Within 0.42 seconds, it came. The response I had anticipated. “No. No way. Impossible. I couldn’t do that.” I once used those words about a different endeavour. I ate them about two years later. I do believe, that anything is possible. And a project was born. We continued to talk for about 30 minutes and the conversation shifted from “complaining is cultural” to “I don’t mind when people to complain to me” to “but what is the intent of complaining” to “what is a complaint, really?” And the pieces started shifting. My blood got hotter and my face even heated up a little bit. Why? Because I didn’t have all the answers, and I feel uncomfortable when I don't have the answers. But not having the answers only meant a whole lot of space to explore. The project. During level one teacher training we committed to making ourselves better, and to making others better. I have dedicated a lot of time making myself better, and perhaps this is why. To be an example. Africa Yoga Project created a beautiful poster that I have used as a screen saver for a year now. It says, “The meaning of your life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.” The meaning of life is to find your gift Tthe purpose of life is to give it awayThe project. “No, no way.  Impossible.  I couldn’t do that.” I am going to show her how. Not by imposing a set of beliefs, or by preaching with words. But by choosing to act in harmony with my own. I invite you to join. Baptiste immersion
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Tanjot on April 24, 2015

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