Goal Setting, Gourmet Meals, and Intention

Last week I was having a conversation with a dear friend. We were talking about goals and the importance of maintaining certain attributes in order to fulfill certain objectives. Confession: The rebel in me does NOT like setting goals when I am told to do so. Every year we have to do this at work, and every year, my spirit feels like its confined to a little box stamped “Standards and Benchmarks.” “You know, I am going to start a ‘To Be’ list, rather than a ‘To Do’ list.” I suggested. I continued, “I am going to get my kids (5th graders) to do the same. In order to complete a task they might need to be patient. And then they can write a word at the top of the page. Patient. I think that being a certain way allows you to flourish while doing a certain thing makes you good at doing a certain thing.” A nugget; a little epiphany.  I felt as though I had cracked the Da Vinci Code. And then I saw a status update on Facebook: A To Do list is nothing without a To Be list.  Gazelle Animalia “Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.” ~ Albert Einstein I remember Kiersten Mooney at the Yoga Journal Conference back in 2011. She said, “Do less. Be more.” At the time, I recall thinking, yes, be more. Be more. And I jotted the phrase down in my butterfly journal. “Do less, Be more!” And that was that.  I would just “be more.” I became more vocal with people about confrontational topics. I found myself teaching yoga to teachers at the school, and trying to set an example. I even felt more knowledgeable and more skilled. And I tried to be more, and more, and more, until finally, I didn’t really know what it meant anymore. Until finally, being more, started to mean less. My being, lacked connection, and awareness. Being more without intention is like preparing a gourmet meal with no one to feed. At the beginning of every yoga practice, I set a personal intention for the class. And it works. If my intention is to have fun, I do.  If it’s to try something new, I do.  If it’s to speak clearly, I do.

 Being intentional works.

Whether it be a “to be” list, or a note to self, a post-it on your mirror, a conversation, or the start of a personal journey into the creation of who you are, be intentional. BPYI immersion
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Thanks a million Adriana. You are bang on when you suggest it’s something we need to be mindful of. So often we get swept up in the wave of life rather than picking and choosing which one we want to ride out. xo

Diane Clement on April 24, 2015

I love this! Thanks for sharing. Just being is like just breathing… it’s an important practice that sounds so simple, but is actually something we have to be mindful of… being in the moment, being present, being aware… not more, not less, but just so. Thanks for writing this. Namaste.

Adriana Hartley on April 24, 2015

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