On the Road to New

This post was written by Lauren Mackenzie

On the road We all lead our lives in a certain way. Some of us lay back while coasting on cruise control, others drive full speed ahead on multiple highways, and some choose to venture down unplanned, unknown roads. We control the pace, the direction, and how we feel about it. What I love about life is our ability to switch it up when something is not working. One of the underpinning philosophies of Baptiste Power Yoga suggests that in order to break free of the old and stale, we must try something new. Simple. Often times we are numb to our aversion to newness because routine feels so good. Change and the unknown can feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and even a bit scary. These are all the ‘to be expected’ emotional responses to anything that causes us to dance on the other side of our comfort zone, but I dare you to break free of what feels safe – and I dare myself that, too. I invite you to stop making excuses for yourself. If you have any reasons as to why you can not do something, throw them out, now. Excuses hold you in the place you’ve always been – you just won’t grow. I say this with love. Sometimes it feels much easier to tell yourself why you can’t do something when you are face-to-face with a little deviation from your routine – but telling yourself you can’t is not really serving you. Pick up your slacks, believe in yourself, and get vulnerable. Even if it is scary. Especially if it is scary –  the scarier, the better. Allow yourself to trust. Trust that what you have inside of you is bigger than whatever change or newness is ahead of you. Trust your intuition. Trust in your ability to do what you must and trust that you can literally do anything – and I mean, anything.  Trust that you are supported by something bigger, and that no matter what, you will be perfectly okay in whatever uncomfortabl-ness you may feel. Don’t rush the process or beat yourself up over the hiccups. Change may unravel painfully slow, but rushing it can throw you off it’s track. Support yourself by trusting that however long it takes, is however long you need. Remember that your body is fertile soil and it will grow whatever seeds you throw into it. If you think negatively, you will grow that way – if you plant positive thoughts and feelings, you will see positive change. Just remember that you may need a little nurturing along the way, so why not water yourself as you grow. Know that sometimes you might need to suck, and that it’s okay to lovingly laugh at yourself. There is a lot of learning through sucking. Adding a heap of laughter and lightness can help you keep everything in perspective at all times. We make mistakes, we fumble the ball, we trip and fall, we screw up – but we pick ourselves up, forgive, and try again. The more we practice standing back up, the easier it becomes. The quicker we are to laugh at ourselves during these times, the lighter we become. Why not make it easier for yourself? You’re not alone in this process. I am right here with you. BPYI immersion
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