New Interview with Baron

Join Baron and 33Voices host Moe Abdou for this wide-ranging discussion about the importance of getting aligned in life and what questions we should all be asking ourselves.  Listen in and enjoy!

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So…your Saying there a CHANCE!! Lol I am Finally AWARE of how Far behind the Ball I am:) I had NO IDEA of how far I was before I met you. I know your the BEST COACH in the WORLD Bc I was the Sickest Girl in the World & didn’t even know it. I was Sooo Stressed, Ashamed & Sick. You are the BEST Athlete & Coach in the same person. Not many have been able to do this!! I could not get help from others Bc I don’t Respect someone who can not PERFORM. You have given me My TRUE NORTH, My POWER & Given me a Way to Go!! I was scared to let you see how Big of a fighter I was. I React Over the Top Everytime:) My Dad always says: Trista, DONT GO to the MAT Everytime. I didn’t know how not to until I found Baptiste YOGA!!! I have a Long way to Go but I have HOPE & that’s All I need:) Yours Truly-Lil Miss Reactionary herself. Xoxo

Trista Sullivan on April 24, 2015

Great interview. Well aquainted with Baron’s practice but still nice to hear him talk. Inspired me to get back to Yoga…

Carey Pelletier on April 24, 2015

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