You Can't PAUSE Life

Jenn Dwyer If you practice yoga, you already know what I mean when I say transitions. If you don’t practice yoga, transitions are those moments that occur in between the poses themselves. They are the movements in-between the postures. They are also those moments that most of us rush through or skip entirely, leaning down to grab a sip of water or choosing to wipe the sweat from our eyeballs instead of just flowing to the next pose. We deem them unimportant – a waste of time – and use them as an opportunity to check out. I see this in my own practice big time. I place so much emphasis on the poses themselves, on my presence and my breath while I’m in them but very rarely do I focus on transitions. In a class I was in recently, the teacher asked us to bring more awareness to our transitions. She challenged us to stay present, and encouraged us to appreciate the moments between poses as much as the poses themselves. This class really forced me to look at just how much I devalue the “transitions” in my practice and in my life. I am constantly racing through the little moments. Seriously, who really wants to focus on the boring, quiet moments of our days? It’s those grand moments of excitement, the peak moments in our practice, the Friday and Saturday nights of our week that really get our blood pumping. That’s what we want to be present for. All that in between nonsense, we can just skim right through that. Sure we’ll go through the motions to get to the good stuff, but we don’t really need to appreciate the steps in between, or do we? Devaluing the little moments has us all rushing through life. We move through our days completely resigned from the present moment. We really just want to get through it and onto that one BIG thing that is going to make us happy. It became very clear to me on my yoga mat just how quickly life is passing me by while I’m twenty steps ahead of myself trying to reach that big peak. As boring and mundane as your commute to work might be – those are precious minutes (ok, for some of you, hours) of your life that you’re wasting. As fun as the weekend is, there are five other days of the week that we miss out on as we daydream about that first cocktail to hit our lips on Friday night.  As simple and unimportant as the moments between poses seem in your yoga practice, they shine a light on just how much you miss out on in your life. My intention for today is to cherish those tiny little moments that I normally race through. To enjoy a song on the radio during my drive to the studio and to savour a nice hot tea as I write this blog post. I invite you to do the same. Learn to appreciate the little moments that lead us from one big thing to the next. There’s no pause and play button for your life. Your life is happening right now, whether you’re present for it or not. Don’t miss out on it. BPYI immersion
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