Some Things Just Take Time

The first time I stepped onto a yoga mat, I was intimidated to say the least. I had decided to dive right in and try that hot stuff everyone seemed to be talking about. This was a Saturday morning, several years ago, when I was in the prime of my party days. Needless to say, I was in rough shape and I’m not quite sure how I got there, but I did. Tony Felgueiras Yoga Photoshoot As I continued to practice, I was mesmerized by some of the things I saw happening on the mats beside mine. People casually perched on their arms in crow or magically and effortlessly floating up into handstand. I was inspired by their practice but at the same time, discouraged. I decided that if I couldn’t figure out those poses instantly with all my past dance training and years in the gym, they just weren’t possible for me. Through yoga, I've learned that we really don’t understand our full potential until we explore it. On your yoga mat, it’s as simple as feeling like you’re never ever going to touch your toes until one day, you do! And then you move onto limiting yourself somewhere else. You see a beautiful pose that inspires you and when it doesn’t happen instantly, make the decision that it just isn’t possible. You aren’t one of “those” people. We live in a world where, it seems, everything happens instantly. With the click of a mouse we have our shopping done. The touch of a button and our car is locked. The buzz of a microwave and dinner is served. Yoga teaches us patience. A virtue in a world where people want things done, and they want them done now. It teaches us to be patient with other people in our lives and most importantly, ourselves. It shows us, through practice, the harsh reality that some things still take time. Mastering a tricky pose. Mending a broken heart. Landing a dream job. Healing from an illness. When I went through a particularly dark period in my life, I kept looking for that quick fix. When I failed to find it, I shut down. I convinced myself that things would never get better. I saw other people living seemingly happy lives and was envious. That kind of life wasn’t possible for me. I failed to realize that some things just take time. That there are certain trying moments in our lives where we just have to keep moving, even when the results we want don’t come right away. Through simple poses, yoga fills us with possibility. It teaches us to breathe through those moments where we feel like giving up and to persevere when we feel like we are getting nowhere. Above all else, it reminds us that in time, we will find our way. BPYI immersion
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Thanks Tara. Seems like yoga is somehow always reflecting a lesson about my daily life back to me. That’s the beauty of it!

Jennifer Dwyer on April 24, 2015

wonderful way to interpret yoga into our daily lives!!!!

Tara Freeze-Drake on April 24, 2015

Jen so true!!! Thank you for your Share! It resonate with my life!

nadezhda on April 24, 2015

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