The Art of the Playlist

This is a guest post by Certified Baptiste Teacher and Co-Founder of Power Yoga Canada, Kinndli McCollum. Check out Kinndli's class, "Super Sequencing and Musicality: Spark Possibility" at the upcoming Baptiste Power Flow Immersion in Estes Park Colorado, Sept 22-25!  Register today and join Kinndli, Baron, and a team of Baptiste teachers for three days dedicated to the Baptiste practice!

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Music is inseparable from my yoga practice. Even if there is no actual music playing I experience the ebb and flow of breath, the crescendo and decrescendo of the Baptiste "Journey Into Power" sequence as a beautiful song of self expression. I grew up singing all the time, and I still have the ability to make anything into a song. I absolutely love to intertwine my love of music into my love of sharing Baptiste Yoga. The result is a Power Yoga Jam! In a nut shell it is a really good excuse to let loose, have fun and listen to great music with great people. Now let's be clear here, I am not talking about soothing back ground music, I am talking about full on, stereo up, headset on, kind of playing. There is an art to picking the playlist that rocks and I am going to share with you 3 of my tricks to making the best playlists that leave your students asking... What was that song?! 1. Map out the dynamic flow of the JIP Baptiste Sequence This is the most important step. You need to have an intimate understanding of the natural rise and fall of each of the parts of the sequence; when it is challenging and quick, when you need to bring it down a notch, when you want to evoke play and freedom or when you want to invite inward reflection. 2. Get really familiar with your favourite music Now that you have an understanding of the JIP sequence you will need to be intimately familiar with your music from all genres and styles so that you can pick and choose songs that match perfectly to a specific sequence. 3. Pick music intentionally When I pick music it must have an intention and a message that aligns with what I want to evoke in my class. I listen to both the lyrics and the tone and melody and choose my music very intentionally. Ok, so here is an example of a Power Yoga Jam class I taught recently: The beginning of class I opened with the track called Eyes, which is perfect for bringing people into the space of "something different is happening here" and we got our abs on! For Sun Salutations, upbeat songs that people can sing along to, and that keep you wanting to move are essential like "This is What it Feels Like". Now up here in Canada, a class is not complete without our Justin Bieber so of course he found his way into the mix with "#thatPower" For Balancing sequence I like to bring it down and for centering, so songs like "In a Little While", and "Tears Always Win". I like to bring it up again for the Triangle series to keep the energy flowing and nothing is hotter right now then "Blurred Lines". Can't go wrong with Phillip Phillips and Alicia Keys to bring us through backbends and as we wind down into hips I dropped a little Macklemore to evoke some deeper reflection. "Awake my Soul" takes us into our final sequence to prepare for savasana with David Gray. Thanks for listening and I hope to see you at the Baptiste Power Flow Immersion for my workshop on Super Sequencing and Musicality! BPYI immersion
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I would love to check out the playlist & follow, but the link no longer works. Any way to update? Thanks!

Jever on September 18, 2015

Great mix. Would love to practice to music at Baron’s Brookline studio…

Mike on April 24, 2015

I’m trying this out and agree it has to be music that fits. Questions: how do they hear your instructions? I’m not familiar with Baptiste – is there not much verbal cues? I was in a class recently that used what they called “Groovy music!” – it was all very annoying weird instrumental stuff. What speaks to someone might not bode well for another. I am going to try some things though!

Jacquie on April 24, 2015

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