My Pull Towards Growth

"There is an ancient Native American teaching that says that within us there are two wolves, whichever one we feed, we strengthen. Within each of us, there exist two forces: a pull toward security - preservation of ourselves as we are - and a pull toward growth. Whichever we hold as more precious, we cultivate. Growth requires a certain singleness of mind. As Jesus once said, “you cannot serve two masters.” Either you commit to a change of heart and mind and live it out, or you are just playing around. This singleness of mind I'm talking about means making a total commitment to the path of growth: no wavering, no detours, absolute commitment to staying present, unconditional commitment to discovering and living by the truth within. I’m talking about staying the course, even when it hurts." - An excerpt from 40 Days to Personal Revolution - Law 6: Commit to Growth

I used to avoid travel at all costs. For a long time, just the thought of airports, airplanes, hotels and being away from the comforts of my daily routine were enough to trigger my anxiety. I would brace myself for months prior to a trip - trying to convince myself that I really did want to go, despite the voice in my head telling me I should just stay home. I know there are a lot of you in this community that have the so-called "travel-bug" and as you're reading this are probably thinking "but Jenn, traveling is so much FUN!" Shockingly enough, for people like myself, it can be down right scary!

So it might surprise you to hear that since May, I have been home for only a total of 4 weeks. And here I am again, planning to jet off next week to Estes Park, Colorado for the Baptiste Power Flow Immersion that I'm sure you have all heard so much about.

Am I writing this to share my secret to overcoming travel anxiety? No. To be honest. Travel still makes me nervous. Going to a new place always puts me off a bit. I feel it in my body as soon as I book a flight. A tightening in my chest. An queasy feeling in my stomach.

It's my physical reaction to stepping outside of my comfort zone. A comfort zone that includes a rigorous resistance to change - a pull towards security, to home, to my life as it is, with the people who are in it.

transformation is an endless process

And it would be easy to let this pull toward security keep me planted - or in other words STUCK - in my life as it is and where it is. This is how I lived my life for a long time, until I attended my first Baptiste training. And the several programs I have attended and assisted in the past few years have taught me that the safety of home isn't always worth it.

The growth that stems from being uncomfortable almost always is.

My pull towards growth, my commitment to myself, is now bigger and more powerful than my need to cling onto the security and comfort of home.

And I invite you to ask yourself the same: Is your pull toward security taking you away from you commitment to growth? Are you wandering off the path of growth in an effort to stay comfortable?

If you answered yes, I invite you to shake things up. Recommit to the endless process of transformation and step outside of your comfort zone. Know that I'm with you, stepping outside of mine.

BPYI immersion

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