Calm and Grounded. AKA BORING.

"Before we wrap up, I want you to get back into your small groups and share your greatest strength as a yoga teacher" Uh-oh. Another strength test. I didn't see this one coming in our meeting yesterday at Power Yoga Canada. Ask me to identify my own strengths and I almost always find myself stumped. Even when I am able to identify my strengths, they never really seem to add up to the ones around me. I look at my fellow teachers and wish I had more of their fire, their humour, their love. You name it, I want it. I've heard from teachers and students alike that my biggest strength as a teacher is how calm and grounded I am. This fits for me. I'm calm. I'm grounded. But for a long time, hearing that feedback drove me crazy. Somedays it was enough to make me want to stop teaching completely. If I hear one more student tell me that they "feel so calm" leaving my class. Why did it bother me so much? Because I had decided that these were code words. Calm and grounded was obviously just a nice way of saying "Hey Jenn, your classes are BORING". Perhaps next week I should write a post on attaching meaning to what people say, but back to my point. Instead of harnessing my strengths and allowing them to bring me greater power as a teacher, I made them wrong. I tried to scrap the calm and make my classes more energetic. I wanted to drop the grounding and add serious fire to my teaching. But these shifts I was trying so hard to make never seemed to fit for me and it took me a long time to understand why. I can't choose my strengths. None of us can. Being a yoga teacher is so much more than calling poses and this is why Baron's trainings are so powerful. As a yoga teacher, I have to discover the power in being authentically ME and share that with my students. It's not going to work if I'm trying to teach like Baron, my favourite teacher, my friend. I have to teach like me. Jenn DwyerBE ME. It's so simple yet when I make that person somehow wrong, it can seem incredibly challenging. So as of today, I've decided to stop making calm and grounded mean boring, because in reality, they don't. I'm going to celebrate my strengths and continue to grow from there. Can a calm and grounded teacher still access power, fire, energy, and all that good stuff? Of course, if I learn to accept my strengths and build on them. Whether you've been teaching for a day, a month, a year or a lifetime, you can do the same. What do people tell you they love about your classes? How do you leave people feeling? What are you hearing over and over again as a strength when you're given feedback? What do you know in your heart to be your greatest attribute as a yoga teacher? Stop fighting it. It's your foundation. It's authentically you and it's strong. Start building on it and see where it takes you. Jenn Calm, grounded and far from boring
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awesome :)

val on April 24, 2015

Love this! Thank you:)

allyssa hutchison on April 24, 2015

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