What's Your WHY?

Has anyone ever asked you why you do what you do? Why you believe what you believe? Why you act the way you act? Well, if not, today's the day... Why Baptiste Yoga? For me, Baptiste Yoga began as a way to heal myself from feelings of depression and anger. Though poses were not easy (and still aren't), my mat became my home. It called me back, again and again, day after day, inviting me into a space of inquiry, challenge and solace. Every time I practiced, I gained a deeper sense of myself, which left me feeling stronger and lighter. I was beginning to get to know the real me.Kelly Blog Why Me. Hmmm. Initially Baptiste Yoga was for me. It was my medicine. It was my practice. Now Baptiste Yoga has become about community, friendships and love. It is about being of service to others. It is about making a difference in this world. It is no longer just about me; it is about all of us. So, again I ask: Why Baptiste Yoga?   We want to know. Write out YOUR why and add #whybaptisteyoga to the end of your facebook post, tweet or instagram picture. It's that simple!  
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