Are you scared of greatness?

To many, the title of this post probably seems silly. Scared of greatness? Of course not! We spend most of our lives striving for greatness and actively seeking to create it for ourselves and for others. What could possibly be scary about being great? The truth is, many of us are unaware of our fear. We use our constant journey to greatness as a way to hide from actually living it. If we put greatness--however we define it--outside of ourselves, we can always be trying to reach, create, or achieve it. The problem is, we never allow ourselves to be it. We all have different perceptions of what greatness is; this abstract concept manifests in our lives in countless ways. For some of us, its money, a job position, a level of recognition--quantifiable standards. For others, greatness is linked to our legacy or our level of happiness. We spend hours outlining what greatness means to us--then spend more hours, energy, and often a great deal of money in creating a plan to achieve that. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be great, wanting to be our best selves for the world, and wanting to leave a powerful legacy. Putting our energy into self-inquiry, growth, expansion, and service will almost always bring about radical change for the better. But, what attitude is genuinely driving this journey? If you believe that you will become great after you do x or that you will be happy once y happens, then you are setting yourself up for failure on your greatness quest. Or rather, you are just setting up a constant, never-ending quest, that will not result in you ever fulfilling your definition. There will always be another way to measure that you have not yet accomplished, achieved, or created. While this feels a little bit like a hamster wheel, it is safe for many of us. Having a goal, something to work towards exempts us from accepting our truest, highest self in the moment, as it is. We never have to fully come into our own power because we refuse to see ourselves as complete, great beings. Some of us might still be holding onto residual beliefs that we don't deserve happiness or that we'll never truly be good enough. Some might still believe that if we stop achieving, we stop existing. We might have not fully put to bed the fear that radically accepting ourselves as we are means that we are complacent, lazy, and stagnant. warrior one pyc muskoka I discovered this week that Warrior poses are an excellent way to check in around these beliefs. The warrior postures are meant to be powerful and empowering, but also free and energetic. For years, I've gone through them trying to perfect my hip alignment, foot placement, and shoulder knitting, but I never allowed myself to simply feel the pose. I always felt a tightness in my chest/solar plexus that made the poses uncomfortable. Especially in Warrior I, I could never settle in, and often felt restricted by the pose. After working for several weeks on the mat and off to own my power, and to start living from a place of choice, freedom, and empowerment, I found that I had a breakthrough this weekend. For once in my Warrior I my mind was not hung up on minor adjustments of my foot arches, knee, and chest--anything to keep me from settling in fully. In Warrior II, I felt a flow of energy from the tip of one middle finger, through my heart, and out my other fingertip that I've never experienced before. I've tried to fake it, but this was the first time I allowed myself to feel authentically energetic and empowered in the poses. I realized that I've been hiding from greatness. I've done a lot of transformative work over the past year or so, but there is still a part of me that operates from a desire to have quantitative measures of success. I'm starting to realize that in reality, its simple: To be great, you have to be great! We have to realize that in any given moment, we have the ability to tune into a powerful intuition that will guide us along all life's endeavors. Instead of doing x,y, or z to be great, we do x,y,z because we are already great, and because participating in that activity is  powerful reflection of our innate greatness. This minute shift allows us to act from a place of total empowerment and freedom. There is no outside pressure, only free choice. My challenge to myself and to all of you is to tune in to your power this week. Check in with your body in powerful poses--is your mind looking for a way to perfect them? Do you feel restriction when you "should" feel freedom? Then check  in with your life. What is driving your actions? Are you scared to be great, right now, as you are? Have a great week yogis! I'll be doing this challenge along with you this week, and would love to hear some comments and feedback! xoxo
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Lovely, and so timely for me. So much coming up lately around the theme of allowing ourselves to be as amazing as we are. Thanks for these thoughts!

Lori on April 24, 2015

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