Flip it.

Historically, I have not been a good problem-solver. Math was the mortal enemy in elementary school--I remember many nights crying in frustration over one problem on my homework--and I had no patience for puzzles, games of strategy, or even legos. As I got older, and problems turned from solving for x to bigger, more life-chnging issues, I still found that I was often stuck when it came to creating solutions. I was, however, very creative when it came to finding reasons why the problem I was facing could not be solved. I had great skills when it came to turning situations into insurmountable obstacles, and could slip into the role of victim effortlessly. Yet, I was still stuck in the belief that I was a hopeless case, and would never be able to solve problems efficiently and creatively on my own. Surely I'm not alone in this, right? We've all thought at one time or another that a problem simply had no solution. We create  a story in which we can see no possible way to attack the issue we are presented with. Quite often, that same issue shows up over and over in our lives, and we are defeated by it every time. What we don't realize though, is that we aren't just lacking skill, experience, or creativity; we are simply using those skills against ourselves. I'd heard the phrase "flip your vision" countless times in yoga classes before it finally started to click. Flip your vision. The phrase requires not only a change in perspective, but a complete upending of what you think you see. Its a radical shift! When we are stuck, sometimes the greatest thing we can do is not try to "come at the issue from a different angle" as many cliche's dictate, but rather turn our entire looking upside down, then open our eyes to a totally new way of thinking. With the #whybaptisteyoga campaign that has been blowing up social media lately, I've been thinking about my own "why". I think that what truly draws me to my mat, what most solidly roots me into the Baptiste methodology is that is promises to always lead me to a better, higher version of myself through teaching me to flip my vision, challenge my beliefs, drop what is not serving me, and remove rocks instead of creating them. (It hasn't helped with the algebra though!) Where in your life can you flip your vision? What draws you to Baptiste yoga? In other words, what is YOUR why?
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