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I went back and forth with a friend from the Baptiste community yesterday over text messages. Our conversation looked like this: K: “Are you certified yet?” Me: “No…I’m being such a loaft.” K: “Get on it! You should be certified.” Me: “I know. I have to do another video applying feedback that I got A YEAR AGO!!! How lazy, eh? I’ll record my next class.” {Thought about editing out the “eh!” but laugh all you want, I’m Canadian…eh!} I’m embarassed to share that I did in fact send my certification to head office in Fall of 2012. I got feedback to apply from my first video and started to implement the teaching tools that I was given. I figured I would give myself a month or two, let it land, then record again. And all of a sudden it’s been a year. Oops. Kelly's text got me thinking. What is it that's holding me back? Deep down, I know it’s not that I forgot or that life just got too busy. I realized that it’s the same thing that holds me back in every area of my life - feeling like I’m not ready. And where does this come from? My lie that “I’m not good enough”. warrior 1 muskoka When I first wanted to do teacher training, I held back for months because I had certain milestones that I thought I had to reach in my own practice before I could teach others. One of the biggest? Holding a handstand. How could I possibly be a yoga teacher without being able to talk my students through inversions while holding a perfect handstand as I do it? I finally let go of this and signed up for a 200-hour. If I hadn’t, I’d still be waiting. I’ve been teaching for almost three years now, and although I practice a lot, I still can’t hold a handstand let alone talk to my students while in one. I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years now. How many pages have I written? None. Why? I need to grow as a writer before I take that step. I need to wait until my message becomes completely clear. I’m just not ready yet. And here it is again, showing up in my certification process. That silly, old pattern of waiting until I’ve mastered something to move forward in my life. I can’t do my second certification video until I am confident that I’ve mastered the feedback given in my first. Right? Wrong. I know for a fact that I’m never going to feel completely ready to record the second video. There will always be something that I think I have to improve, work on, shift or change in my teaching to be “ready”. And this type of mentality keeps me stuck. What get's me unstuck? Action - plain and simple. I can spend my whole life waiting (look how quickly a year went by) until I'm ready to write a book, be a teacher, get certified, move out, and the list goes on. I can continue to waste precious time or I can adopt the best remedy for the perpetual overthinker: ACTION. I'm off to record my noon class. Worst case scenario? More feedback and another video. Best case? I'm certified. I'd take both over another year of waiting! If you're telling yourself you aren't ready, if you're putting off some part of your life until you "perfect" some part of you, can you choose action instead? For all of you in the community putting off the certification process - I know you're out there somewhere - can you join me and just do it?
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Count me IN hun… been dragging my feet and NEED to submit ‘something’… my excuse? I don’t know what the next steps are? who will record my class for me?

Kristy on April 24, 2015

Oh girl – you are not alone! Thanks for continuously reminding us that at the heart of it all – we are human. All of us, together!

Diane Clement on April 24, 2015

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