40 Days Program Profile: Jen

I thought it would be fun to start Week Two by checking in with my yoga student, friend and 40-Day newbie, Jen. Here’s an excerpt from our post-yoga gab session: jen40days How long have you been practicing power yoga? J: A little over a year. Why did you decide to do the 40 Days Program now? J: The timing is perfect. I am just getting back to my mat after a minor surgery and was intrigued by the way that the program eases into the work. After one full week, what has surprised you most about the program? J: That the yoga and the meditation are easy for me... they just seem to fit neatly into my day. I don’t hit the snooze button, and there is my five minutes for morning meditation. Also, for the first time I am starting to practice at home. I’ve never done that before, but the podcasts make it simple. I can really see myself crafting a home practice over the next six weeks and hopefully keeping it up beyond the program. Oh, and this is a whole new way to look at food for me. I really like the idea of observing how my choices are fueling my body. It feels more like a mindfulness practice than a diet. What has been the biggest challenge? J: The excavation questions. [Pause.] Why? J: Well, like the name implies, they dig things up. I keep finding excuses not to sit down and do them. They feel like homework. It’s the opposite with the yoga and meditation practices– they are so delicious I look forward to them. With the questions, I have to make a conscience effort just sit down and face them. So, we should check back in with you about your new-found success with the excavation questions in a few weeks? J: Sure. [Smile.] What are three tips you have for everyone doing the program as we move into Week Two? J:
  1. Don’t think about it too much. Whether it is deciding to do the program or getting to your mat in the morning... just do it.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up. You are doing the work whether it feels successful or not. Celebrate that.
  3. Share. Tell the people in your life what you are up to and let them know how it is going. And, if possible, swap experiences with other folks doing 40 Days.
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Good attitude, Jen. Especially the sharing. There’s power in sharing – we are a village…

Dave Michaels on April 24, 2015

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