The Truths About Triumph

1. It sneaks up on you. Usually when you least expect it. That is what is so magical about the idea of practicing things like meditation, yoga and mindful living. It’s not result driven. There’s no due date or shelf life. There’s just the showing up, day after day– through the sweet spots and roadblocks. Then one day– probably a regular old Wednesday– a space opens, an idea transforms into action and a new possibility emerges. And there you are– exactly where you hoped to be– ready for the ride. 2. Triumph is not the destination. It’s the starting line. It’s a living breathing thing... equal parts impermanence and momentum. It is not something you achieve, frame and hang on the wall. It is a process, a practice... a spring board that once attained will continue to keep lifting you–and those around you– as long as you choose to keep leaping. 3. Triumph isn't yours. It’s yours to share. triumphYes, you are the one who wakes up early just to sit still and who rolls out your mat even on the days you would rather veg on the couch and watch women’s Curling. Yes, it is you who has been skipping happy hour to cook healthy meals at home. And sure, it was you who asked yourself the questions you’ve been avoiding and YOU who has found the courage to start seeking the answers. I don't want to take any of that away from you– not at all, I’m proud of you, inspired by you, I will happily cheer, GO YOU! the next time I see you– but I still say: So what? Your triumph is not yours. Period. It now belongs to you AND everyone and everything you interact with. A shared experience. Think about it: Who really benefits from you being a more centered, rational and happy human being? Yes, you... but we’ve covered that. Who else? Your family? Friends? Co-workers? Your dog? Cat? The barista who makes your morning latte? It’s a ripple effect. Like skipping a stone over clear water. You selected the most perfectly smooth stone and you decided to pick it up and it was you who drew your hand back and released the stone at just the right angle and with just the right trajectory and finesse but as it lands and hops and lands and hops it creates waves that are no longer yours. They move out from you and your stone and change the reality of the water... the reality of the world. So, I say it again... Your triumph is not yours... It is all of ours. And I also say, Thank you! Now, look around– see who is there– and bring them with you.
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this is inspiring!

Paula Manga on April 24, 2015

Stacy, you nailed it. Talk about aim, focus and delivery. Yesterday I took this post on a 120km road ride in the Mexican mountains, and my mantra was: Triumph is mine to share. It made all the difference. Thank you for sharing yours. It has rippled. xo

Diane Clement on April 24, 2015

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