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Welcome to Re/Connect, an ongoing series where we catch up with Baptiste Program participants to find out what has shifted for them out of their training and what is now possible for them as a result. Our first followup is with Jake Bosse, whom we connected with regarding his Level Two Training in 2013.

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When and where did you attend your Level Two Training? I attended my Level Two Training in Maya Tulum, Mexico in May 2013. Do you currently teach Baptiste Yoga? If so where? Are you Baptiste Certified? My teachings are heavily influenced by Baptiste Yoga and has served as a foundation for my practice and teaching methodology. I teach at various studios in Boston and greater Boston area. I am currently studying for my Baptiste Certification and I am committing to finalizing this before I leave for Yoga Journal in Estes Park, CO to attend my second Baptiste Power Flow Immersion this September. Yes, I just committed to that! Do you still have your journal from Level Two? Has it been collecting dust or do you keep it handy? Yes, of course! My journal has been with me since I wrote on page one at my first Level One in The Catskills and I can tell you its been opened up daily. I’ve carried that journal through hundreds of hours of trainings and conferences, it has been on airplanes, buses and all over the world. Every time I open it, new ideas are created, old ideas are resurrected and I typically find some nugget in there to tweet about or a blog is inspired by it. Looking back on it, was there a moment during your Level Two  training where you now see that everything shifted for you?  Reflecting back, yes, surprisingly there was that moment for me which I experienced a shift. It was morning, midway through the week and we had peeled back several layers the evening before which left me mentally exhausted. I had a quiet breakfast on the balcony of the dining hall over looking the ocean and the waves crashing into the rocks. I didn’t speak much as I was just trying to prepare myself for morning meditation and how hard I had felt it was going to be. I had felt a little anxious, which I had carried with me as I sat in meditation nestled between some new friends and some that I hadn’t yet connected with. It was warm, not overbearing but my mat was in the middle of the practice space and the morning before it was close to an open window which I preferred. I felt tired, anxious and a crammed. But once we started our asana practice, the anxious turned to ease, tired turned to invigorating and I could now feel the energy of those yogis so close to me. I later laid in savasana smiling and looked up to the high bamboo ceiling and said to myself "Here you are, so far from home and in this beautiful place doing what you love. You are here, make it count.” Would you say Level Two changed your life? Why or why not? It certainly influenced my life positively and yes, my life has changed since returning from Level 2 last year. The way I thought about being comfortable and secure has evolved. I find myself open to new ideas and creating visions. I believe Level Two has given me the confidence to pursue a path to turn my visions into reality. Where has your life taken you since Level Two Training? Would it have gone in this direction had you not attended? Wow, so much has happened since I returned from Mexico last June. I have been able to connect with so many new people through my teaching and be of better service to those around me. I write more and more importantly, I write ideas -I write down everything I imagine myself doing, no matter how distant or crazy it may seem. I just pull out my iPhone and open a new note and start to type. Today I make commitments to achieve my goals and don’t back down from the challenges these commitments bring. I realize that my life is about service, love and influence and how I need to use these to impact those I am connected with. I have dedicated more of my time supporting visions that matter to me, one of those visions is CureATRT Now, a fund the supports the research of pediatric brain cancer to which I was named to the Board of Directors this year. This past April, we launched a Spin and Yoga event which raised $126,000 with  100% of the proceeds donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, knowing little about paralysis and neurological disorders, I started a private practice with a Team USA ParaOlympic gold medal swimmer. Stepping outside the box on this one has been life changing as she has lit me up and we doing things people said were not possible. My experiences at Level Two had certainly impacted my ability to step outside the box, so yes, I don’t believe my life would have gone in this direction had I not attended Level Two. Jake triangleAre you still in communication with people from that training? Yes of course! Well there isn’t a week that passes where someone is posting a #tbt or posting a fond memory on our Facebook group pages. As a matter of fact, as I type, I just received a FB request from someone I met there. Besides the social media, I do see and make plans to meet so many people from my trainings. Just a few weeks ago, lululemon athletica sent me up to Vancuver for the Global Ambassador Summit. I arrived a few days early with the intention of meeting a friend from my trainings. We met at a studio and practiced together, there was something very familiar in that studio even though I was on the other side of North America. It was nice to just be in her presence, even just for a short time as we had experienced so much together in the past. There is lots of buzz happening now about Level Three and the Power Flow Immersion at Estes Park! Can't wait to reconnect there! When were you most challenged at Level Two and why? I was most challenged about midweek, in late night sessions. The challenging thing was there wasn’t any place to hide, you really had to do the work and I am glad looking back that I did. Describe your personal experience of the teaching exercise at Level Two we like to call "Magic Carpet." Stepping out of the box! As a teacher you get set in your ways and what works and what you are comfortable with.  Magic Carpet forces you out of that comfort zone and forces you to let go of what you know and create something new and cool.  You never know what kind of cool [stuff] you can create. What would you say to someone who has gone to Level One Training and is considering Level Two? I wouldn’t tell them to go to Level Two, that has to be their choice. But I would tell them the experience I got was mind blowing, and has had an impact on the way I live my life. It has helped be creative in what I love and making it what I do. It has allowed me to connect with people from all over the world and share in an experience that only those who I was with can truly understand. The relationships formed there are e life-long!
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Jake and I were roommates (actually, barn-mates!) during Level 1 in the Catskills and he kept me going with his humor! Can’t wait to see you at Level 3 this November, brother!

Michael Schweppe on April 24, 2015

I met Jake at Level I and I have LOVED watching him THRIVE. Thanks for sharing, Jake. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Diane Clement on April 24, 2015

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