Certified Survivor: Marcy Kurtz

This is a guest post by Certified Baptiste teacher and cancer survivor Marcy Kurtz. My own Baptiste Yoga experience is the reason Peach Outreach® exists today.  I was already a committed Baptiste Yoga practitioner when I was first diagnosed with uterine cancer in late Fall 2010.  By early 2011, while I was still in treatment, I earned my 200 RYT from a Baptiste Affiliate Yoga Studio.  The support and love from the other students in my training class were essential to my health, as was my regular Baptiste practice which kept me centered both physically and mentally.   On my one year anniversary from completing my treatment, I formed Peach Outreach® and went to Level One Training: Journey Into Power within months of each other.  I learned that I was powerful. The next year, still healthy, I went to Level Two Training: The Sanyasin's Journey.  I learned that I had the power to help others in my community and easily and obviously chose to do that through Peach Outreach® and the first annual “it’s all about U” rooftop yoga event, which happened in 2013.  That same year, I went to Level Three Training: Beyond Borders.  I learned that my passion for empowering women and educating them about gynecologic cancer had “no borders” and that pursuing the mission of Peach Outreach® through and with my Baptiste Yoga community was my true calling.  When my cancer returned unexpectedly in 2014, my Baptiste Yoga community—around the world—supported and loved me.  Today, right now—in the moment that matters most, I am a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and I am cancer FREE! Peach Outreach®, a non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness about uterine and other gynecologic cancers and to raise funds to fight gynecologic cancers, is following the Baptiste Yoga model and principles to take its mission literally from the yoga mat to places around the world. Here is an example of what we have accomplished:
  •  Community: Almost 400 people gathered on their yoga mats on the rooftop of a local business while gazing at downtown Houston on a beautiful starry night.
  • Fearlessness: The same group of yogis screamed “uterus” at the top of their lungs—not just once, but during the entire practice!
  • Empowerment: Everyone, from experienced yogis to people who didn’t even own a mat to bring to the event, did a powerful and fun-filled 75 minute Baptiste Yoga class led by 4 local Certified Baptiste Yoga Teachers.
  • Possibility: By finding their voices, the barriers came down to allow these 385 yogis to spread the word about uterine and gynecologic cancer—they can now confidently share the mission of Peach Outreach® with others in simple conversations.
Yogis around the world can join together with yogis in their local communities and, through a simple Baptiste Yoga class, educate and empower others by fearlessly talking about women’s body parts and the symptoms for uterine and other gynecologic cancers. --Marcy Kurtz
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I am a uterine (endometrial) cancer survivor in Tennessee. How do I hook up with Peach Outreach?

Colleen Johnson on January 14, 2016

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