Top 5 Takeaways of the Power Flow Immersion

It’s been nearly three weeks since the epic celebration that is the Baptiste Yoga Power Flow Immersion took place in Estes Park. Since that time of community and fun, I’ve experienced a lot of openings. Some occurred right then and there; some since being back at home. That’s the beauty of this work: it never ends. Whether you were there or not, let’s #tbt to the PFI with my top five takeaways: 1. The Baptiste Community is huge. Like, really huge. And growing. I already knew that to some degree (thanks, Facebook) but on my mat, anxiously awaiting the first practice to begin, I felt it: Family. The energy in the space wasn’t only the un-velcro-ing of mats, heartfelt reunions, or Krishna Das. It was nearly 500 people committed to growth and co-creation. It was a community’s expansion.TonyFelgueiras_PFI2014_Wednesday_WEB-2212 2. Hugs are powerful. In the first hour of PFI, I gave/received roughly fifty hugs. Literally. Some were with people I’d seen just a few months ago, others it’d been years. “Level 1? 2? Art of Assisting? All-Day Immersion 2010, that’s it!” Hug. I watched everyone greet each other with a giant squeeze. On the way to Estes Park, I experienced old feelings surface, ones of “not good enough” to be at the Community Gathering. Nothing like fifty hugs to bring me out of my head and into connection again. When you experience fear and doubt of your worth, hug someone. Seriously, it works. 3. I’ve forgotten how to play. The first two days, Baron focused on keeping it simple on our mats. The result was a newfound ease in my practice and teaching. The last practice, Baron encouraged us to get messy as a pathway to access joy in our practices. Ease left the building. The flow was strong and there were plenty of opportunities to get creative—handstands, arm balances, new transitions. The more I tried to “play,” the more stuck I got and the less fun I had. I realized play doesn’t happen up here [points to head] it happens out here, with others. Trying to play doesn’t work; actually playing does. A muscle I haven’t exercised since childhood, play will take practice. And I’m ready for it. For fun on—and off—my mat, right now. TonyFelgueiras_PFI2014_Wednesday_WEB-1951-2 4. Possibility is like a party. Imagine walking into a high-glam, high-energy party where every guest is a potential opportunity. You have the sense, though, that there’s one guest—one possibility—present, just for you. Your purpose. That’s what the Power Flow Immersion is like. There was this exciting-yet-overwhelming sense that there is a possibility here somewhere in this community that desperately wants me as much as I want it. It’s close. It’s coming. In the meantime, enjoy the party. 5. There’s a place for everyone in Baptiste Yoga. Read this word again: Everyone. You. Your Mom. Your friends. Your enemies. Old. Young. Healthy. Survivor. 9-5er. War hero. You get to decide what your place in it looks like. Because it is expanding at an unprecedented and unstoppable rate, there is more room at the inn than ever. Come in. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. There are fifty hugs waiting for you. Jessica Kenny is a writer who teaches yoga or yoga teacher who writes, depending on the day. For a long time she did neither and was not very happy. She is a Certified Baptiste Teacher in San Francisco and contributes articles to many online and print publications. You can keep up with Jess and her ginger self on her website and Instagram.
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Jess! Well said! Love you!

Carrie Hop on April 24, 2015

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Jess on April 24, 2015

You’re the bestest, Jenn!

Jess on April 24, 2015

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