Teacher Feature: Yvonne Walter

She’s the first Certified Baptiste Teacher in all of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In (fingers crossed) January, her studio—Edmonton Power Yoga—will open and be the area’s first studio dedicated to teaching power yoga inspired by the Baptiste Methodology. We e-sat down with Yvonne to talk life post Level Two and what it takes to turn a big idea into reality.

BAPTISTE YOGA: When did you get involved with Baptiste Yoga? YVONNE WALTER: I went to India in 2010. I knew I wanted to do a teacher training, but I wasn’t sure which one. I was drawn to more invigorating styles and a friend suggested I try Baptiste Yoga. I watched a 5-minute video on the description of Level One and knew I needed to know more.

BY: You went to Level One in 2012 and Level Two in 2013. What would you say to someone considering those trainings? YW: Level One knocked my socks off and Level Two rocked my world! It is such a great opportunity to pursue personal growth, contribute amongst wicked people, and tap into being your best.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 10.09.39 AMBY: Where has your life taken you since your Level Two? Do you think it would have gone in that direction had you not attended? YW: My dream has turned into reality since Level Two. I have been teaching yoga actively for the last four years, and I have played with the idea of owning a studio after Level One but it was just a dream, a "one day" or a "someday" thing. Level Two confirmed what I already knew deep inside and that was the need to be greatly involved in the Baptiste community. My great friend Jen, who was with me in Level Two, and I got into action, did the work, and now we are a few months shy of opening the first Baptiste style studio in Edmonton, AB, Canada! I am excited to share Baptiste Power Yoga with the already thriving yoga community in our city, create a deeper involvement with the bigger Baptiste community, and pursue affiliation in the future. Level Two gave me the inspirational push to go after what I want. I’m ready to step up my game.

BY: AND you’re the first Baptiste Certified Teacher in Edmonton! YW: Yes! That was a big goal of mine. That and opening my own studio. I've felt ready to be in a leadership position for a while now. For the longest time, I would tell friends about Baptiste Yoga and they would go to Level One and not have a place to go to when they got back. Now there will be a space for people to go to trainings, come back, and plug in.

BY: What do you want people to know? Like those who don’t have a Baptiste studio/community in their city or those considering opening their own? YW: It’s like Baron says: “You gotta do the work.” Coming back from trainings, I definitely felt highs and lows. I struggled being so far away from a bigger Baptiste community. And, there are so many ways to find inspiration. Call someone in the global community. Listen to podcasts. You gotta do the work, because it’s rewarding.

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