Celebrate Everything: How To End 2014

The next few days we’ll be refining our resolutions and recycling old ones. We’ll be focused on our plans for tonight and what we want for tomorrow. Before we get too ahead ourselves, let’s dwell on the past for 497 words.

A year has gone by. A whole year. I don’t know about you, but I experienced a lot in 2014. I moved across the country. I fell (deeper) in love. I landed and lost and quit multiple jobs. I made money. I lost money. I strengthened my handstand and injured my shoulder. I traveled to places I’d never been. I tried things I’d never tried. I both succumbed to fear and doubt and overcame them. I had more victories and failures and breakdowns that I can count. That’s a lot. Too much to go unacknowledged.

And I’m guessing you did, too.

There’s that quote. You know the one: “Until further notice, celebrate everything.” I don’t know who said it. Neither does Google. But it’s been in my background for the last week or so as I reflect on the past year. “Celebrate everything,” it says. It doesn’t say, “Celebrate your accomplishments and good things only,” which is what I usually think when I hear the word "celebrate." No, it says “celebrate everything.” Every failure. Every breakdown. Every mistake. Every misstep. Every good thing. Every bad thing. Every-thing. And not just to recognize it, but celebrate it. Like, throw it a party.

What the?

Around Thanksgiving, I wrote about gratitude and its power to alter our world as we know it. When we’re able to appreciate everything—no exceptions—we instantly raise our vibration and attract more of what we want. Now we’re taking it a step farther. Celebration is gratitude amplified. You're not only unconditionally appreciating yourself and all your experiences/decisions, but you're throwing a party in their honor.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.24.15 PMIf you plan on being up to big things next year, you have to celebrate how you got here. Every turn along the way. Otherwise you'll go into the new year from a place of, “That was wrong. I need to fix it.” Which—spoiler alert—never works. 

Don’t worry about getting what you want next year right now. Take today to look back at the one you're leaving behind. Pull out your calendar and emails and texts to help you remember. Ask your family and friends to join you and do the same for them. Celebrate the times you put yourself out there. The times you were taken out at the knees. When you heard your little voice communicating with you, even if you didn’t listen. The days you felt confused, frustrated, tired, defeated and got out of bed anyway. Say, “Hey, remember when I was scared and complaining and thought everything was going badly and I wanted to quit but hey look I’m still here and kickin’!” They'll say, “Yeah!” And then you'll high five the heck out of each other. Because we’re celebrating everything.

Until further notice.

Jessica Kenny is a writer who teaches yoga or yoga teacher who writes, depending on the day. For a long time she did neither and was not very happy. She is a Certified Baptiste Teacher in San Francisco and contributes articles to many online and print publications. You can keep up with Jess and her ginger self on her website and Instagram

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