4 Tools for Success: How To Use The App To Get Present and Create Lasting Change

Blog by Leah Cullis, 500 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher and Health & Wellness Coach
Like the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program, the 40 Days Nutrition Challenge is designed to guide you through a process to create powerful shifts in your body, mind and spirit. Check out these four tools that will help you get present to what you are eating, and create lasting change in your diet and in your life. Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.53.14 PM1. Disrupt business as usual! Get creative and make a meal you've never made before using the 40 Days meal plan. Choose to cook a vegetable you've never eaten before. Try a smoothie for breakfast rather than eating bacon and eggs. Let this challenge be your opportunity to disrupt your usual patterns and try something new! 2. Honor your own body and energy. What works for me may not work for you. What is a fueling diet to one person may be harmful to someone else. There is no one way that will work for everybody. Notice how you feel after you eat, and then start adding into your diet more of what feels good to you. 3. Substitute! What I love about the 40 Days Nutrition Challenge is that it is a simple and accessible blueprint, but it’s not a strict all or nothing plan. There is space for you to make it your own. If you feel like you are eating too much meat, go vegetarian for the day. Substitute meat with other healthy choices from the green food guide. I’m choosing to continue with my green smoothies every morning because I feel better when I eat a plant-based meal in the mornings. I’m making the modifications to my smoothie recipes to add more healthy fats, less fruits and more greens so that I’m alining with the challenge, and honoring my own needs and energy.  4. You get to choose. The app is your tool to help you get present to what you are eating and how you can generate more energy through your diet. With the app's guidance and your commitment to the 40 days, you will start to notice the impact of each meal, each shift and the difference in your energy and body as the program builds. Continue to use the power of choice throughout the challenge to keep you in the game and to adapt to what is happening in the present. The practice is in each meal, which ultimately creates the big changes in your life.

The challenge is designed to support you in cultivating more energy in your body, your mind and your spirit. The focus is on food, but really it’s about creating more energy for you in your life. Create the program that works for you and have fun on your journey.

Leah Cullis is a 500 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher and a Health & Wellness Coach. As a yoga teacher and holistic health coach Leah practices and shares what’s been shared with her and how she’s applied her studies of yoga and wellness in her life. Leah works with groups and individuals to create custom yoga and wellness programs. Leah's mission is to help people integrate the practices and principles of yoga and wellness into their daily lives for more power, ease and joy.

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