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What To Do When Everything Hits The Fan

When everything hits the fan, what do you do? Do you relax into the drama or resist it, knowing resistance only makes it worse? The choice doesn’t always seem like a choice, but it is. My first reaction can be resistance. I can freak out, scream, cry, or panic. The whole thing. But then I’ve learned to hit my mat. When I bring myself to the practice, I can hear my breath and feel my body, and automatically my mind slows and I access clarity and ease. This is how I’ve learned to cope. My old ways of reacting by­ shutting down or just holding it in until I exploded days, weeks, or months later just wasn’t productive. So when it all imploded on me most recently, I witnessed the amazing impact of yoga on my life. Five months ago, I stepped off the ledge and opened my yoga studio. I was excited, scared, and anxious about this journey, but ready for the challenge. And boy has it been a challenge! In five short months, I have learned more about business ownership and myself than I could ever imagine. I made it through the challenge of our construction--from picking out floors to installing heaters to finding people to help you get the job done. I trusted that everything would go according to plan. Spoiler alert: it didn't. Just as our community was gelling and I sensed that people were getting to know our brand and name, ­everything hit the fan, BIG TIME. I was informed that we would have to change our name, as we were in violation of another studio’s trademark. A new name would mean we would have to replace everything we'd already created: our logo, the website, our marketing materials, the five-thousand-dollar sign above our door. Everything. What happened? How did I react? First: with the usual resistance, denial and tears. Then I hit my mat. As the resistance melted, I could once again see possibility. It was totally out of my control and fighting it didn’t serve anyone. And it was exhausting me. Now, with our new name, I am ready to move forward with a smile on my face. Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath, and let go of what we cannot control. Relax into the resistance to see a new possibility. As Baron Baptiste says, “What’s possible now?” The practice of dropping resistance starts in a yoga pose. Practice taking it on one breath at a time. Ask yourself, "Can I breathe?" "Yes. No. Yes, yes I can." It's the same process as when we lose control in our lives. Try easy, instead of trying hard. Choose to believe that every challenge in life is there to help us grow. And--at the same time--we need to remind ourselves that stuff happens. When it does, we can create a new possibility for ourselves to relax with what is so, and we become open to a new, bigger possibility that desperately wants us.
Guest contributor Rachel Goldberg is an E­RYT 200 and co­-founder of Empower Yoga. She is in process of becoming a Certified Baptiste Teacher. She is a mom, wife, yogi, and dark chocolate lover. She is a believer in possibility and showing up as you are; fully present and ready for anything. Dedicated to the Baptiste Methodology, Rachel is committed to empowering others to be a "YES” in their lives. 
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Thanks Rachel for being YOU and not anyone else. I love your new space and love the light that shines from you and your community. “Good things fall apart so better things can fall together”❤️.

Reanna Knotts on April 24, 2015

You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

Bpyles on April 24, 2015

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