What "Being Of Power" Means

Written by Certified Baptiste Teacher and Fit to Lead participant, Melissa Leach.

Being a part of the first-ever Being of Power program got me thinking: what does “being of power” even mean? Is it whoever can speak the loudest? Or hold Chatturanga the longest? Was it Brandon, who was facilitating? I didn’t really know.

Looking back over the weekend, I now have new insights into what “being of power” actually is for me:

1. Power and failure are actually two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. An expression of power is not a grandiose gesture or feat of strength or crazy pose. It’s in our ability to create in the moment--to turn our intention into action and not our failure into catastrophe. We are taken out of the present moment when we’re over-efforting to avoid failure. When I work so hard to show my “power” or to protect myself against failure, I’m not actually operating in reality. I’m operating from how things seem in my head rather than from what is right here and now. To stop trying so hard gives me access to presence.

2. I don’t always have to be on my mat to practice Baptiste Yoga. In my life, I sometimes don’t make it to the physical practice. On the program’s Assisting Team, I heard my little voice in my head whisper, “What if you screw up?” In those moments, it was powerful for me to practice Drishti, to choose to focus on something else. Something more empowering. The Baptiste Methodology is as powerful off my mat as it is on my mat.

3. A practice of self-love. During discussion, Brandon discussed meditation as one of the greatest acts we can do to express love for ourselves. This shifted my view of meditation dramatically. It went from something I have to “carve out time” for to a gift I can give myself. A small change in perspective gave me a new possibility of ease and self-care.

4. I can stop assigning meaning to everything. At my Level One, I saw two deer. I went from “Deer, how beautiful” to “Deer have ticks” to “My kids are in Vermont and they might get ticks and Lyme Disease and I’m a bad mom for not doing anything about it.” What actually happened? Two deer were in the woods. What did I make it mean? That I’m a bad mom and my kids are going to get Lyme Disease. Seriously. When I stop assigning meaning to everything, I access neutrality. The ability to see things how they are and people as they are, without a lens or filter. That’s freedom.

5. Power is connection. My intention turns into reality when I connect with other people, when I share my ideas. My intention doesn’t manifest by me sitting on my mat willing something to happen. Instead, it takes my beating heart connection with yours. By being with you, I’m being in my power.

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Yes! Thank you for your words. You have been such an inspiration on my own Journey Into Power.

Shannon Leahy Rolston on April 24, 2015

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