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Trending Poses Across The Globe

One of the coolest things about yoga is that it is in constant flow. As we and our life circumstances change, our yoga practice adapts to meet us wherever we are, whatever life stage we’re experiencing.

We asked some of our Certified Teachers what poses are really speaking to them right now, where they’re at in their lives. Like our teachers, their answers are all over the map. Tell us: what yoga pose(s) are trending for you right now?

“Tree Pose. This pose lands so well with me at the perfect time during practice. It gives me the opportunity to realize how my practice has changed the way my body feels. It also helps me feel the earth beneath my feet and grounds me down into it, to revitalize and rejuvenate.”

Sean Silvera // San Anselmo, CA

“Frog Hops. During this movement, I love using my Drishti to help me maintain my concentration and ultimately balance in a handstand. It's great practice for maintaining a clear focus in the moments of my fast-paced life. I can accomplish way more when have my attention on the one thing right in front of me!”

Laura Calcaterra // Houston, TX

Humble Warrior. With warmer weather upon Charleston, I love the balance of gratitude and surrender that it injects. It reminds me that it's possible (and feels great!) to surrender, drop in, and be thankful amidst all the excitement.”

Molly Casto // Charleston, SC

“My favorite pose right now is happy bab[ies]. My brother had twins almost a year ago. I'm loving stretching them out, rolling them around, and then scrunching them into happy baby. Now whenever I do it, I inevitably think of those happy little nuggets without a care in the world.”

Jenn Perell // San Diego, CA

Half pigeon. Life seems to be moving very fast for me right and and this pose gives me the opportunity to slow down and open up. When time seems to quicken and every moment is filled to the top with something to do, I take this pose and feel renewed, relaxed, and present.”

Sarah Smith // Louisville, KY

"Downward Facing Dog. This is the one pose that reminds me of who I am beyond my roles in life (wife, mother, yoga teacher... This pose shifts me from doing into being in a bleep of a second and I have no desire to be anywhere else in that moment. I feel connected.

Elina Iso-Rautio // London, UK

“My favorite pose right now is Frog. It is giving me the space to surrender. Frog has not always been my favorite pose, but our relationship has shifted, which I'm always a fan of.”

Nick Clark // Folsom, CA

Mountain Pose. Pausing in this pose, especially when outdoors, is my moment to get grounded and connected to the earth and also expand and open my body. In the midst of this spring season, you'll find me trotting outside periodically throughout the day to take the opportunity to reach my finger tips toward the sun and experience joyous freedom.”

ML Cotner // Corvallis, OR

“Our favorite pose is the one we're in. Getting present to the moment of NOW allows for opportunity to presents itself off the mat. When we take a pose, we become the pose. We free up blockages which obstruct our vision and allow us to shift our focus to something perhaps we didn't see. Enjoying the pose we are in opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”

JP & Cassie McClellan // Asheville, NC

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