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Welcome to THE TEACHER’S EDGE, Live with Baron Baptiste

Baptiste Yoga teachers deliver high impact instruction in classrooms across the globe. Whatever your level of experience in leading others in yoga practice, this course, filmed within a live workshop setting, will show you what it takes to elevate your ability and effectiveness in teaching classes that empower and uplift. As you apply the principles from this course you will see students returning to your classes again and again as they see the on-going results of the practice transforming their bodies and minds.

Learn from world-class instructor and New York Times best-selling author, Baron Baptiste. The son of yoga pioneers, Baron Baptiste revolutionized what it means to deliver classes that permanently change and transform people’s lives. In this course, Baron shares the practical experience which will enable you to formulate and implement what works in the classroom so that actual and real results occur, and each student’s goals are achieved. Hundreds of thousands of students and generations of expertise are the source of this program. As you participate from the comfort of your home, know you are a part of the growing, global community of Baptiste Yoga.

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You should take this course

THE TEACHER’S EDGE, Live with Baron Baptiste is for anyone leading or who wishes to lead others in a powerful way that gets results, each time. This program is meant for anyone with a deep desire to grow.

ANY skill level • ANY adult age • ANY body type • ANY background • ANY language

This course is the perfect fit for you if:

  • You are someone who is interested in becoming an Instructor and learning what it takes to teach an effective and inspiring Baptiste Power Yoga class.
  • You are already an instructor and are ready to deliver extraordinary and high impact experiences in the classroom.
  • You are an experienced teacher ready for an upgrade.
  • You have a deep interest in improving your technique and skillfulness within the Baptiste Power Yoga practice.
  • You are ready for the next level of personal growth and development regardless of teaching experience, practice experience, fitness level, age, or yoga background.

Even if you’re brand new to teaching yoga, The Teacher’s Edge, Live with Baron Baptiste is an excellent fit for you. It will be your assurance that you learn an impactful protocol of instructing right from the start!

All levels of experience, all styles of yoga, and other disciplines are invited.

What to Expect

This course is rigorous because we know you want to be the best, you want to be effective in the classroom and you want to make a difference in the lives of others. It will take something new from you. Bring your focus and a willingness to learn. Each video is accompanied by an activity that brings the learning alive in your experience. Complete each activity for the prescribed amount of time as directed. Repeat any activity until you experience new levels of accomplishment and skillfulness. We know you will come back to the materials in this course again and again as you develop yourself into a world-class leader. Let it be a tool for a whole new life of being a powerful contribution to others.

What you will be doing

  • You will be viewing 28 videos recorded within a live workshop where Baron Baptiste leads a group of 130 participants through the course, in real-time. Video running times last between 1 min and 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • You will read the text that supports the material presented in the video and directly answers the exam questions.
  • You will answer exam questions. Each exam question must be answered correctly to mark a section of the course complete.
  • At the conclusion of each section of the written text, you will be given an activity. These activities are completed in real-time and not while the course video is running. Some activities are short, essay-style, answers to a question, or a number of questions. Other activities require teaching a yoga pose, a yoga class, or other yoga class leader actions to a yoga class participant and/or recording yourself teaching and performing related self-evaluations. Once complete, a short, essay-style answer is required. Each entry of essay-style answers must be a minimum of 25 words for the section to be eligible for completion.
  • Essay answers are entered into the course chat section. All participants matriculating through the course can view these entries, learning from the sharing of others.
  • You will click complete buttons for each of the 28 sections.
  • Once each of the 28 sections is successfully marked complete, you will complete a 5 question survey. You will then mark the entire course complete.
  • When the entire course is marked complete, you will return to the dashboard to view your Certificate of Completion and Letter of Attendance.
  • You are then ready to begin teaching Baptiste Power Yoga, Journey Into Power classes.
  • You may revisit the course at any time.

The Results of THE TEACHER'S EDGE, Live with Baron Baptiste

  • You will be able to begin instructing a Baptiste Power Yoga class.
  • You will access a deeper understanding of the signature Baptiste Power Yoga series of 54 postures, the Journey Into Power sequence, as a source for impactful instructing.
  • You will develop new skills and technical knowledge to better use the Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.
  • You will learn how to hold high standards of mechanics in yoga poses.
  • As you engage with each section of the course, deepening your understanding of the methodology, you will complete exam questions leading to a Baptiste Power Yoga instructor credential.
  • With this credential, you will join the global Baptiste Power Yoga community.
  • You will have new levels of vitality, impact, and excitement for your practice, your studio, and your team!
  • Note, you may call yourself a “Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor with a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor credential” upon successful completion of this course work. (This does not give you the designation of or the ability to call yourself “certified” Baptiste Power Yoga teacher. )

How to get the most out of the training

Here is what it will take from you. Do the course exactly as we have designed it. View the videos, complete each activity, successfully answer every exam question and you will get results.

  • The filmed within a live class video holds the tools you need for leading effective and inspiring classes. View each in its entirety.
  • Within the accompanying text, further your understanding of the concepts introduced within the filmed live, course instruction. Successfully complete each exam question as you go and when the material is presented to you.
  • Downloadable worksheets help you determine where you are effective and where to upgrade your skills in applying the tools of a world-class leader of the transformative Journey Into Power practice.
  • Throughout the Course, connect with Baptiste Yogis around the world by sharing and learning through the chat features. When you are complete with each video and the accompanying text and exam question, the activity brings in the real-life experience you need to be an effective leader. Each chat feature requires a minimum of 25 words of content to fulfill this aspect of self-discovery.
  • Once you have clicked the complete button for each of the 28 sections that comprise the 3 chapters of the course, click the button to complete the entire course.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what it will take from you. Do the course exactly as we have designed it. View the videos, complete each activity, successfully answer every exam question and you will get results.

  • A credential in this Baptiste Yoga course, THE TEACHER’S EDGE, LIVE WITH BARON BAPTISTE, means you are successfully on your way to inspiring other people in your Baptiste Power Yoga classes and a part of the global community changing lives each day. This does NOT denote the title of “certified teacher”.
  • A letter of attendance means you have completed 18 hours of training within online Baptiste Power Yoga course work. Utilize this to affirm your completion for anyone who might require notice, including Baptiste Power Yoga CEUs.
  • A Certificate of Completion is yours to share this exceptional accomplishment with the world. Post it on your wall at home, share it with your friends on social media, hang it in your classrooms!
  • If you ever lose your letter of attendance or certificate of completion FOR THIS COURSE, simply visit your dashboard and download a new copy.
  • Your dashboard contains everything you need to be successful in utilizing your new course. No more searching for old emails or digging through your junk mailbox.
  • What to do once you make the purchase? Go to your dashboard, it’s all right there waiting for you to get started.
  • If you lose your password and can’t get into your dashboard, go to login and reset your password.
  • If you forget where to access your dashboard, go to . The login, located at the top right of each screen is the pathway to your dashboard.
  • Am I now a Certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher? No, you hold a credential that allows you to call yourself a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor
  • Will I have a listing on the Baptiste Power Yoga website? No.
  • What is next for me? Level 1, Journey Into Power digital course!
  • What happens once I register and pay the fee for the course? You are in! Go to your dashboard and start learning...don’t wait another day!
  • What if I want to register my CEU with Yoga Alliance, or any other registering body? Simply present your letter of attendance found on your dashboard next to the course.
  • Is there anyone to call and ask questions about my course? No, the answers to your questions pertaining to the functionality of this course are here and on your dashboard.
  • This course is non-refundable once purchased.

Successful Completion of the Course

The online learning environment will require something of you and, we know you are up for the challenge! This intensive course, filmed live over two days, delivers the opportunity for you to learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

  • Your 100% complete viewing of each video
  • Accurate answers to each exam question
  • Detailed answers, 25 + words, to each homework activity
  • Successfully click each complete button throughout the course. If a section is not complete, an error box will detail what is incomplete.
  • Complete survey
  • Successfully click the course complete button.
  • Return to the dashboard.
  • Download Certificate of Completion, and Letter of Attendance

Contact us

[email protected] for any technical concerns related to accessing your course and not answered on your dashboard or within the FAQ section above.

Course Description

Baptiste Yoga teachers deliver world-class instruction across the globe. Wherever you are in your experience of leading yoga classes, this Course will share what it takes to elevate your ability to be effective in leading classes that empower, inspire, and uplift your participants. Students will return to your classes again and again because they will know to count on you for access to discovering what is next for them in their practice.

Downloadable worksheets help you determine where you are effective and where to upgrade your skills in applying the tools of a world-class leader of the transformative Journey Into Power practice. Throughout the Course, connect with Baptiste Yogis around the world by sharing and learning through the chat features. 

Who is this Course for:

Transformations On Mats is for anyone leading or who wishes to lead others in a powerful way that gets results, each time. 

*No pre-requisites

Sample Class

Watch Sample Class

About the Instructor: Baron Baptiste

For more than 25 years, Baron Baptiste has devoted his life to creating and sharing transformational yoga practices and programs. He shares the Baptiste Yoga methodology through workshops, books, yoga teacher trainings and his continued work with non-profit organizations. An entrepreneur and visionary, Baron is committed to sharing Baptiste Yoga in ways that make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people across the planet. His approach to yoga has been a catalyst for society’s acceptance of yoga as a popular practice and is now being used by millions of people globally.

The Curriculum

Lesson 1


Access to the kind of results that have the capacity to transform people’s lives can be made greater with effective leadership in the classroom. In Baptiste Yoga’s Transformations on Mats Course you will discover concrete skills you can practice to become an effective instructor whose classes are filled with students who share “this was just what I needed, how did you know?” as they leave the class. In turn, you will grow from the experience of facilitating transformations on mats.

Lesson 2

About Baptiste Yoga

Baptiste Yoga™ was founded in the 1940′s by Walt Baptiste and remains accessible to anyone today who is looking for personal transformation. Much of the physical aspects of the Baptiste Yoga™ style are inspired by the Hatha Yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya and his students Iyengar and Desikachar, whom Baron Baptiste studied with personally from a young age

Lesson 3

About This Course

In this course, explore the foundational methodology of Baptiste Yoga. This methodology is accessible to anyone and is effective in supporting each participant in their own journey into power. For this reason, the methodology sets Baptiste Yoga apart from other modalities which aim to produce similar results. Baptiste Yoga works for anyone who wants to do the work and make a difference in their life.

Lesson 4

The Overarching Design of a Journey Into Power Class, part 1

We distinguish power for instructors as one’s capacity to turn intention into reality as measured in time. Therefore, your level of power in the classroom is dictated by how much time it takes to transform intention into reality in the student’s experience in real-time.

Lesson 5

The Overarching Design of a Journey Into Power Class, part 2

Create the context for the class with your speaking. A powerful acknowledgment creates a connection between students on their mats and the person leading the practice, breaking down a sense of separation or otherness. For the teacher to be powerful in acknowledging others, specificity is required. When effective, participants are in the experience of being seen and valued. Their listening for a possibility, available to them through the practice of Journey Into Power, is enhanced.

Lesson 6

Baptiste Yoga Methodology

The 5 Organizing Principles of True North Alignment give access to translating the blueprint posture, Tadasana, Mountain Pose, into any other pose or variation. The first three principles below are performed physically to allow for the final two principles to arise.

Lesson 7

Common Default Styles of Teaching

To be powerful as a teacher, you must consider how you relate to your students. Many instructors have a default teaching style, developed as a winning strategy, a way to get it right and be successful. Consider this default teaching style is limiting your ability to connect with and elevate your class participants.

Lesson 8

Leading a Journey Into Power Class

Access to the kind of results that have the capacity to transform people’s lives can be made greater with effective leadership in the classroom. In Baptiste Yoga’s Transformations on Mats Course you will discover concrete skills you can practice to become an effective instructor whose classes are filled with students who share “this was just what I needed, how did you know?” as they leave the class. In turn, you will grow from the experience of facilitating transformations on mats.

Lesson 9

Why Baptiste Yoga Exists

This statement is the “why” of the methodology of Baptiste Yoga. The Baptiste Yoga Institute, its Affiliate Studios, Certified Teachers, and the Baptiste Foundation each take their inspiration from this methodology and use it to inform all of the work they do in the world.

Lesson 10

Completing With Intention

When completing a class with intention, come from your longing to serve and your love of the practice. Allow yourself to be moved by the magic and power of transformation. Address the group from the front and center of the room, a place where each member easily sees you. Speak loudly and clearly while making eye contact throughout the group with multiple participants. Now is a time to be seen, experienced, and deeply connected to the students on the mat.

Lesson 11


Both the creation of centering and of the Integration sequence postures should be brief and powerful, seamlessly flowing into the Awakening sequence within the first 2-3 minutes of class. GET THEM MOVING.

Lesson 12


The intention in Awakening is to wake them up — move them, move energy and create the space for ALL to be moved by something bigger than ourselves…through physical action and orchestration. The instructor creates verbal, visual and tactile cues and a general “touch and go” narrative that causes drishti, ujjayi and bandhas in each pose.

Lesson 13

The Peak of the Pose & The Receiving Pose, Part 1

At the edge, there is the peak of the pose (edge of the pose). On the other side of the peak of the pose, there is the receiving pose (on the other side of Stira is Sukha).  These boundaries represent the range of motion and the edges of intensity. The pose is like a mountain with no top, yet our current plateau is the peak of the pose. This place is beyond mere alignment and form and speaks to the substance. The edge is where we go beyond the linear and into the spiritual and creative.

Lesson 14

The Peak of the Pose & The Receiving Pose, Part 2

Pacing a class in such a way as to include beginners through advanced participants in a powerful experience is a function of using the breath as a tool. After inhalation, there is a pause, and in this exercise, we are adding a count of 3. In this exercise we add asana.

Lesson 15

The Peak of the Pose & The Receiving Pose, Part 3

It’s time to roll out your mat for a full practice! Be in the expereince, landing in each pose to find the YES in each pause.  As you move through the practice, state the word “YES” when you land in a pose.

Lesson 16


This Sequence has an emphasis on twisting postures. Active twisting postures strengthen and they rinse out and release old energy and tension. They leave the practitioner with new openness, strength and aliveness.

Lesson 17


The Equanimity sequence gives access to harnessing the power of opposites. The poses of this sequence are physically demanding. With hearts pounding at times, participants balance on one leg, float, and stretch from core to extremity. Instructions should be calm yet energized, clear, brief, directional, and the instructor visible.

Lesson 18


The Grounding sequence is a new beginning in the middle of the practice. Establish drishti, ujjayi, and foundation as though for the first time. Bring in core as foundation.

Lesson 19

Igniting & Stability

The Igniting sequence and the Stability sequence naturally go together. Keep the heat on for Igniting! If the room seems too hot before the Igniting sequence, this is not the time to cool it down. Keep the body warm and ready to go. The body will naturally cool in the Opening sequence. Stability postures counter and neutralize the opening work in the body achieved in the Igniting postures. Experientially move from fear to freedom. Create a new way of being in your body and in your life with these two sequences of Journey Into Power.

Lesson 20

Release & Rejuvenation

The sequences that complete Journey Into Power hold powerful space for transformation both physically and in relation to life. In Baptiste Yoga we often relate to the right-now-moment as “it’s all I’ve got.” Practice and teach from this space, a place where something is at stake and from here, miracles happen.

Lesson 21

Final Practice

Roll out your mat for the final practice of this course. Put into action what you have learned throughout the course. Observe the impact of the Opening sequence. Here is a place to stay present and connected, not aplace to share your life story as the instructor. Instead, a place to allow for the deeper learning available to each individual as a result of the practice. As you practice, be in discovery of what is now possible in your practice and teaching from what you have learned.

Lesson 22

Leaping off the Edge, Part 1

The Comfort Zone is a place where we operate inside of a default, business as usual. Often we create a space inside our Comfort Zone designated as “outside my Comfort Zone,” and yet it is just the measure of the amount of discomfort we are willing to tolerate. It doesn’t represent an Edge. Instead, it further defines the Comfort Zone. An Edge is a place between default, business as usual, and transformation into the possibility of what you are capable of being. To leap off the edge is to take yourself, permanently, into a new realm of who you are being in the world for yourself and others.

Lesson 23

Leaping off the Edge, Part 2

How is leaping off the edge connected to contribution? How does it empower you?

Set a timer for 3 minutes and utilize the full time to consider and answer this question in your journal. Once you have completed your journaling, move onto the next video.

Lesson 24

Leaping off the Edge, Part 3

Where in your life and/or teaching are you sitting on the edge and you know there is something you want that would be next level, it would elevate you, and yet you haven’t lept yet in that area? Choose any area of your life. Be sure to complete this exercise with a focus on teaching at some point.

Lesson 25

Leaping off the Edge, Part 4

What are the concerns (the buts, the excuses, reasons) you have that might stop you from leaping over the edge in that specific area and with whom?

Make a list with the following sentence in your journal:

“I can’t leap off of the edge in this area and take the needed actions because…”

Lesson 26

Leaping off the Edge, Part 5

What would it take to make the possibilities on the other side of the edge more important than the concerns and reasons you have for not doing it now?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how willing are you?

Lesson 27

Leaping off the Edge, Part 6

What is the edge for you in this course? What are the possibilities or opportunities on the other side of the edge? Come from the outlook of, your whole life is at stake…because it is.

Lesson 28

What’s next for you as a teacher?

One transformation is not all that is available to you in a lifetime. Your pursuit of growth, of an ability to see the habits and defaults you have fallen into and looking for what is next as a new sense of being alive, gives purpose and generates effectiveness. This is the mark of a created life. Keep finding ways to increase your opportunity for growth as we never arrive and are always able to grow. The moment you think you have arrived, you get squashed like a bug. You will know your instruction is working when each time you lead, you are left completely altered.

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Tuition is $689. You have the option of paying your tuition in full upon registration or to pay in instalments.

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