Baptiste Programs for Organizations and Teams

Uplevel your organization with advanced leadership training that improves accountability, team dynamics, creativity, and results.

Baptiste Programs for Organizations and Teams

Uplevel your organization with advanced leadership training that improves accountability, team dynamics, creativity, and results.

Much More Than Just Yoga

The Baptiste Yoga practice and programs are designed to empower leaders with the focus, training and insight to achieve consistent profound results in the most important areas of their lives and careers.

Executives and Leaders are welcome to arrive with set intentions and are promised transformations in those specific areas.

Rather than focussing on teaching a certain ‘model of behaviour’ or “tricks and tips” for communication, Baptiste Yoga Leadership Courses DISRUPT the fundamental beliefs that hold most leaders back from reaching their fullest potential.

Past graduates of Baptiste Programs have experienced improved productivity, stronger focus and motivation, greater dedication to meeting organizational goals, and an even deeper drive to support colleagues and team members.

When the Baptiste methodologies are applied to specific organizational models, this amounts to rapid, team wide results!

Baptiste Yoga is experienced by people across the world and from all walks of life; from professional athletes; parents, teachers, Fortune 500 executives, and community leaders.

Living the practice and using the tools of Baptiste Yoga allows our attendees to truly experience life at a peak state.

Leadership And Teambuilding That WORKS

The Baptiste Methodology allows for REAL results in an astonishingly short amount of time.

Newly crafted leaders awaken to their own unique purpose through a potent, physical, and all-levels yoga practice, meditation practice, and active self-inquiry.

Each of these techniques are often repeated throughout the programming, allowing what is necessary to emerge, get confronted, and be cleared through the mind and body.

Upon completion of each program, graduates are able to go deeper into owning responsibility for organizational goals and objectives. It is not uncommon for team performance and culture to DRASTICALLY improve soon after members attend a Baptiste Leadership program.

The Baptiste Institute offers world-class yoga instruction adapting the practices and processes to individual needs and talents – we place emphasis on clear language and a strategic technique that is accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level, age, experience or background.

People often notice and comment that they are amazed at how such potent and concrete results can be produced so quickly.

By Attending these programs your teams will:

Results of Level One

The Level One is basic training for body, heart and mind and is structured to meet three primary goals for attendees:

  1. Provide attendees with a foundational education to begin instructing and leading others using the Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence (Journey Into Power)
  2. Attain the technical knowledge, skill and understanding to better use Baptiste Power Yoga practices and methods for empowering yourself and your own practice
  3. `Experience a fundamental shift in one’s ability to think and act far beyond existing views, outlooks and beliefs in order to alter what’s possible in personal and professional life, relationships, and wider communities of interest.

Level One: Journey Into Power is a critical training experience giving you eligibility to receive a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor’s Credential as well as for those interested in taking the “next steps” in continuing education to beginning their path to receiving a full Baptiste Power Yoga certification.

Upon completion of Level One you also have the opportunity to apply for studio affiliation and become a part of the global Baptiste Power Yoga affiliate studio community.

Enjoy traveling to any one of our world class locations in Phuket Thailand, Sedona Arizona, Phoenicia NY, Ojai, California, Park City, Utah and many others.

There’s definitely a location you’ll love at a time that works for you.

It’s simple.

You are about to receive the breakthrough you’ve been looking for… and probably many others that you’d never see coming.

The highly trained program leaders and faculty at the Baptiste Institute are committed to providing life altering transformation on and off the mat through the practices and techniques of Baptiste Power Yoga.

We’ve transformed the lives of thousands of people and turned out thousands of high-impact teachers, leaders and trainers over two decades of conducting powerful programs all over the world. We’ve trained individuals from all walks of life including artists, college students, musicians, elite martial artists, people in recovery, Fortune 500 executives, organizational leaders and teams, military personal, veterans, Hollywood celebrities, politicians, as well as High School, Collegiate, Olympic, NFL, NHL and NBA athletes.

We don’t shy away from the fact that we are the best in the world at what we do.

Level One is designed to provide you with the immersive experience and profound knowledge to more effectively apply Baptiste Power Yoga methodology to empower yourself; and provide you with the initial and immersive education to begin instructing others using the Baptiste Power Yoga, Journey Into Power primary sequence of postures.

Even better… it’s also an experience for anyone passionate about REAL and lasting change in their life, their body, and their mind.

No matter what’s coming up for you in your life right now… Level One will serve you right where you stand, open new pathways of possibility and support your journey to lifelong health, fulfillment, and contribution.

You May Not Realize It Just Yet, But This Is Your Wakeup Call.

As Shakespeare said, “you know who you are, and know not who you could be.”

Perhaps you’re simply inspired to teach or uplevel and elevate your teaching.

Perhaps you’re looking to grow in new ways or advance your yoga practice.

Perhaps someone suggested that You Need This Training…

Or maybe it’s some other challenge in your life.

Whether it’s dealing with stressful or unfulfilling work experiences, facing loneliness, anxiety, low energy, relationship challenges, or even being stuck in a physical body that you’d love to shape up and revitalize…

Level One will provide you with a complete way through. This is our promise.

Just imagine experiencing the freedom, vitality, and power that comes with a Level One training completion.

Be with that for a minute.

What would a typical day in your life look like for you when you’re fully and consistently standing in your power , when you have the natural confidence to be a world class, high impact yoga trainer, when you have the inner purpose, vitality, and strengthened physicality you’ve always known is available but you couldn’t quite access before…

In this new expanded reality, your mind is sharp and clear, you speak from the heart, you feel amazing, you have the tools to face any challenge, and your life is about contribution and making a real difference for others…you are someone for whom what matters most… matters.

The Results You Will Receive After Going Through LEVEL ONE

  • You will gain a foundational education so you can confidently and naturally share and instruct others in the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga methodology and postural sequence.
  • You will attain the technical knowledge and understanding to empower your own practice and realize new physical confidence, strength and power.
  • You will experience new confidence and freedom in your ability to relate, communicate and instruct to groups of people.
  • You will gain the freedom to think and act beyond existing views and limiting beliefs allowing you to alter what’s possible in your personal and professional relationships and wider communities of interest.
  • You will experience a transformation in body, mind and heart.
  • You will discover new life purpose and attain the tools to follow that purpose.

Results of Fit to Lead

You will leave the Fit To Lead Training Program as a magnet for new thinking and you will gain new solutions and creative strategies to elevate your leadership on and off the mat.

You will have the tools you need to assist others in taking a leap in their own exercise of leadership.

There’s a reason why it’s not uncommon for attendees to go through this program more than once, simply to keep enjoying the powerful benefits, the self clarity, professional growth, vitality, community, and fun within.

Results of Custom Immersion


In addition to our down to earth teachers, we here at Baptiste Yoga are known for the quality of our self-assured, proactive students and the significant contributions to society and community of our program alumni.

I recommend Baptiste programs for anyone looking for the opportunity to expand their leadership capabilities and impact. The programs offer tools to closely study the self and how the way we are wired, our way of viewing the world, our reference point influenced by our past can create limiting patterns. Ultimately, Baptiste offers the opportunity to consciously choose new ways of leading ourselves and others. It’s so much more than just yoga training and you really have to experience it to understand all that it offers.

Carla Anderson

Leading Organizations, lululemon

How has Baptiste yoga impacted you as a leader?

Baptiste…..has given me the tools to confront and overcome the things that have held me back in my own development which in turn has helped me be a better leader of others.  The physical and mental combination is like nothing I have ever done.

What are the results you’ve gotten?

I am a better leader, more confident in my own mind and body.  I can lead others better because I deal with my own stuff and have the language to help others around me to deal and move forward.

Why would you recommend Baptiste as leadership development for business?

If you want to unlock your potential and those you work with, there is no better way that I have come across in 25 years of corporate life.

Eric Peterson

Senior Vice President of Global Brand, lululemon

Ready Cause REAL Miracles In Your Workplace?

Leadership Training That Goes FAR Beyond The Yoga Classroom

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The Personal Growth Of Your Entire Team

The Baptiste Practice is proven to empower you and your team to step into your greatest selves, create your healthiest body yet, develop a sharper focus throughout your day and life, and build truly sustainable confidence and drive.

Yes, Yoga is THAT good a tool for self growth.

Throughout each Baptiste Leadership program, participants are consistently challenged to grow to their absolute highest self on and off the mat.

As the Baptiste Methodology will teach them… 90% of all success comes from the internal environment each of us create. This program will give that inner success, and much more.

Lasting ROI For The Individual AND The Organization

Most executive leadership programs fall short of their main objective; to create a lasting and positive change in the individuals and the organization itself.

Here at The Baptiste Institute, the deep engagement and enthusiasm we see from our participants are a joy to behold.

The concepts we value are also shared by more fortune 500 companies than we can count.

The Baptiste Institutes leadership curriculum is proven to offer massive results for both the personal and professional areas of one’s life, including honoring commitments, supporting others, and owning COMPLETE transparency and authenticity.

Baptiste Yoga has impacted me as a leader in many ways.  The practice and methodology have helped me develop intentionality, mindfulness, self-awareness, integrity and grit.

I have implemented the Baptiste teachings into the everyday at my office.  As the leader of a team of 10 employees that are launching a new business venture, I have utilized the teachings by incorporating the principles into my core values.  As a firm, we are developing an Organizational Identity with 5 Core Values that each employee must embody. Our 5 Values are Integrity, Ingenuity, Mindfulness, Intentionality and Grit.  I have also hired someone to lead weekly meditations. These are contemplative meditations which incorporate our Values.

I recommend Baptiste Yoga as essential leadership development.  Leaders must be comfortable to operate in a world of ambiguity. The best way to lead with clarity is to be mindful, self-aware and calm in the face of challenges. Baptiste Yoga is the perfect medium to provide actual context to the practice of everyday life.

Jason Siegel

Managing Director | Head of Hedge Solutions, Public Securities Group, Brookfield Asset Management

There is obviously the teaching of how to access the physical postures and that is what you start with . However, as you progress on to the other trainings ,the focus moves to you as an individual and what holds you back on creating your best impact and getting others to see what holds them back from doing the same. The focus is to move teachers who are interested into leaders that are impactful.

This includes taking a hard look at your weaknesses / feeling/ responses to situations and how they hold you back . This moves onto looking beyond yourself and to how you impact others and what others need to fully maximise their potential . This is about clear communication with others , separating personal views or feelings from the real goals to generate a truly motivated group energy, corporate energy or community energy with people working together – openly, for each other , for a ‘ greater good’ or ‘ goal’.

There is also a focus on group interaction, bringing people on to feel their own potential – putting the light on the team not yourself , remove the personal and being ‘up’ for the best something – A goal, a project, a corporate culture , an activation in the community where you want to collaborate , involve, bring people together -let me see what else I can find.’

Gaye Wolfson

Ready Cause REAL Miracles In Your Workplace?

Leadership Training That Goes FAR Beyond The Yoga Classroom

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Who is this program for?

Baptiste Yoga Leadership Programs WILL Benefit Your Organization

Your organization is likely the PERFECT match for any Baptiste Yoga leadership program if you have executives who understand that deep self inquiry, vibrant health, and powerful meditative focus can greatly impact their bottom line.

Any team member looking to discover the ability to transform their communication and style of leading will also experience immense benefits here.

At the Baptiste institute, we believe that being absolutely clear and present offers access to EXCEPTIONAL leadership skills and drastically heightened performance.

These programs are beneficial for:

  • High performance teams looking to take their results beyond what currently feels possible
  • Anyone with current or anticipated leadership responsibilities, ranging from senior-level and mid-level management to people expecting to take on leadership roles.

Success Stories

Baptiste Yoga has always brought mind, body and spirit together for me. I know I’m being pushed in all areas of my of life and naturally seeing where I need to dig deeper and where I need to let go.

I believe leadership is about how you make people feel and supporting your team to achieve beyond what they thought was possible. In order for me to unlock this, I need to not only be pushing myself physically, but at the same time pushing my mind and how I develop as a person. Baptiste focuses on the entire being and doesn’t separate physical, mental or spirit.

Today, leaders can’t afford to look at leadership as one dimensional. We must take a 360 approach, and Baptiste is the perfect opportunity to really grow and learn as a human being that will naturally impact your business and leadership.

Leah Taylor

Lori Atkins Williamson

MD FACOG - Tier 3 1200hr Baptiste Certified Trainer

The Baptiste Yoga practice and methodology has impacted my leadership in a big way. I feel empowered and clear on how to speak my truth and inspired to elevate those around me to do the same. I am a more clear, concise and confident leader for myself, my team and my peers as a direct result of the deep work and tools I received through Baptiste training. I would recommend Baptiste Yoga as an incredible leadership development tool to get the most out of your teams – creating strong, self-assured humans in the practice of leading with integrity, honesty and grace.

Sarah Harvison

Global Yoga Ambassador Program Manager, Global Community lululemon athletica

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Level One: Journey Into Power

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Ready Cause REAL Miracles In Your Workplace?

Leadership Training That Goes FAR Beyond The Yoga Classroom

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