Navigating Uncertainty

Fear can bring out the worst in us or it can show us what we're made of

I want to share something with you that I’ve learned about handling challenges and painful experiences. In the past, when something difficult came up, I’d focus on overcoming it. But experience has shown me that we never really overcome anything. At different points in my life, when I’ve tried to “overcome” a challenge, all I ended up with was a temporary sense of control. That’s how I learned there was a better way to move forward.

By pausing and acknowledging what I was experiencing, I became able to see some of the heavier, more uncomfortable, hidden aspects of my unresolved past, things that were being triggered in a given situation. By embracing what I was feeling—pain, sadness, fear, resentment, or whatever was there—something unlocked and opened up in me. My energy shifted. It felt like something lifted and let me go.

During these uncertain times, it’s easy for us to fall back onto our fears and listen to our old story that we made up. History has shown us that the best leaders, organizations, and innovations have risen from times of crisis. This time in our lives is no different. Whether it’s opening a virtual yoga studio, working on your relationships with your family, seeking investment opportunities, or really looking at your life and organizing it to reduce waste. By being present, we’ll be able to clearly see these opportunities. This isn’t the time for us to panic or break down. It’s time for us to be present, do the work and create history.

When you are present, fear dissolves.

Baron Baptiste

Let us Rise Together

I’d like to begin by letting you know how deeply committed we are to supporting you in any way we can during this time. We are all in this together. Staying present will allow us to support our loved ones, community, and ourselves and come out on top. These uncertain times are an opportunity to drop the need to know and see where your true power exists.

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What is possible on the other side of fear?