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Dear Level One Yogi,

This online program provides total immersion as well as an education in the foundational principles of True North Alignment and Journey Into Power; the primary postural sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga. Level One: Journey Into Power Virtual is created to be a self-paced online training and development program completed over the course of three to six weeks.

Level One: Journey Into Power Virtual is a core 3 week program with weekly live sessions occurring over the 3 weeks. You will have access to the course content for 6 weeks total and the same length of time to complete the program.

In this virtual program, you will build your voice, self-expression, embody technical knowledge and learn the fundamental Methodology of Baptiste Power Yoga with our step-by-step process.


You will develop and grow your personal practice and learn to LEAD the Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence, Journey Into Power, as well as explore a new way of thinking, and alter what’s possible in the integration of your personal practice and professional life.


Live Zoom Webinars will occur weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm EST over the 3 weeks for approximately 90 – 120 minutes. If you are unable to attend live, recordings will be provided afterwards.

{Thursday March 16th; Tuesday March 21st; Thursday March 23rd; Tuesday March 28th; Thursday March 30th; Tuesday April 4th; Thursday April 6th}.


To assist you in powerfully preparing for program, we will be holding an Orientation Session for you to interact with some of the program team, review important information and logistics, provide technical assistance and answer any questions you may have leading up to program.

The Orientation Session will take place on Wednesday March 15th at 4:30pm EST and the Zoom link can be found be on your Course Dashboard under “Live Zoom Webinar Links”. If you are unable to attend live, a recording will be added to your Dashboard for your review. You will also receive an email reminder with the link to join the day of.


We will be holding two Bonus Leading Asana Sessions on Wednesday March 22nd and 29th at 4:30pm EST. The link to join can be found on your Course Dashboard under “Live Zoom Webinar Links”.

We will also be holding a Level One Power Yoga Teacher in Action Masterclass for those who complete Level One: Journey Into Power Virtual March 2023. This Masterclass is to complete Level One as a community and to provide you with clear tools to lead the Baptiste Methodology.


  1. Read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. You can purchase here.
  2. Memorize the Journey Into Power Sequence as written on the Journey Into Power PDF (download here), including the names of each sequence and each of the poses within the 11 sequences.

Here is a recommendation on how to be with the pre-work:

Spend time with one of the 11 sequences at a time. Memorize and get grounded in all the poses in that sequence until you are able to repeat it back out loud to yourself and others. Taking this time to memorize the sequence will prepare you with what you need to show up powerfully for your Level One: Journey Into Power Virtual program. You can come back to this work at any time throughout your program.


The Zoom links for live sessions can be found under your “Live Zoom Webinar Links” Module and we will also send you a reminder email each morning with the link.

For the live Zoom Webinars, please log in to each session approximately 5 – 10 minutes prior to session starting to make sure you are set up and ready to go.


  • A yoga mat, block, and strap
  • Journal and pen


We recommend you nourish yourself with healthy, balanced meals during the duration of your Level One program and strongly suggest prepping your meals ahead of time so that you have meals ready throughout the day. We also recommend you be caffeine free during the duration of your Level One program.


You are responsible for maintaining a healthy level of hydration throughout the training. Because you will be sweating and losing fluids throughout asana practice, it’s best to balance this by consistently taking in fluids and salting your food. This may vary slightly depending on your size and your activity level.

Get ready for a great adventure!

Your Baptiste Team

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