Virtual Level One: Journey Into Power

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The Promise

The purpose of Level One: Journey Into Power is that you will open up, and practice being on a new pathway for yourself that makes a real difference in what matters most to you in your life and in expressing the practice of yoga.

You will learn what it takes to be an effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

Level One: Journey Into Power is an opportunity to dive deep into the transformational power of Baptiste Yoga Methodology and provides a total immersion as well as an introductory education in the foundational principles and primary postural sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga.

Results of Level One

Level One: Journey Into Power is a program that is basic training for body, heart and mind and is structured to meet three primary goals for attendees:

  1. Provide attendees with a foundational education to begin instructing and leading others using Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence (Journey Into Power).
  2. Attain the technical knowledge, skill and understanding to better use Baptiste Power Yoga practices and methods for empowering yourself and your own practice.
  3. Experience a fundamental shift in one’s ability to think and act far beyond existing views, outlooks and beliefs in order to alter what’s possible in personal and professional life, relationships, and wider communities of interest.

Level One: Journey Into Power is a critical training experience giving you eligibility to receive a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential, as well as for those interested in taking the “next steps” in continuing education to begin their path to receiving a full Baptiste Power Yoga certification.

Upon completion of Level One: Journey Into Power, you also have the opportunity to apply for studio Affiliation and become a part of the global Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate community.

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