Digital Level One: Journey Into Power

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March 20 - March 25, 2021

Transform in the areas of your life that matter most to you

Opportunity to certify as a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor

Discover your purpose and attain the tools to follow that purpose

Welcome to Digital Level One: Journey Into Power

You’ve arrived. Welcome to Level One: Journey Into Power, your most fulfilling lifelong practice of Baptiste Power Yoga begins now.

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You’re in good company.

Over 12,000 dedicated practitioners have happily sweat, cried, laughed, connected, and transformed through this immersive and life changing program that results in positive, deep and permanent shifts in the quality of people’s lives.

It works because you work it.

It’s simple.

You are about to receive the breakthrough you’ve been looking for… and probably many others that you’d never see coming.

The highly trained program leaders and faculty at the Baptiste Institute are committed to providing life altering transformation on and off the mat through the practices and techniques of Baptiste Power Yoga.

We’ve transformed the lives of thousands of people and turned out thousands of high-impact teachers, leaders and trainers over two decades of conducting powerful programs all over the world. We’ve trained individuals from all walks of life including artists, college students, musicians, elite martial artists, people in recovery, Fortune 500 executives, organizational leaders and teams, military personnel, veterans, Hollywood celebrities, politicians, as well as High School, Collegiate, Olympic, NFL, NHL and NBA athletes.

We don’t shy away from the fact that we are the best in the world at what we do.

Level One: Journey Into Power is designed to provide you with the immersive experience and profound knowledge to more effectively apply Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology to empower yourself and provide you with the initial and immersive education to begin instructing others using the Baptiste Power Yoga Journey Into Power primary sequence of postures.

Even better… it’s also an experience for anyone passionate about REAL and lasting change in their life, their body, and their mind.

No matter what’s coming up for you in your life right now… Level One: Journey Into Power will serve you right where you stand, open new pathways of possibility and support your journey to lifelong health, fulfilment, and contribution.

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Level One Journey Into Power

Get access to 3 video clips from Level One on "dealing with your own story"

"I didn't care about not having control. And at the same time I felt more in control than I've ever felt."

Carolyn M.

"I was holding all the emotion. I never realized that until I had this kind of sharing and inquiry."

Yukari M.


Digital Level One: Journey Into Power represents 30 years of my own journey. In Digital Level One I will share with you everything, no holds barred, I have learned to build my own practice, teaching and audience. I will share with you the exact methodologies I’ve used and that have worked.  Level One is both a best-in-class professional development program and a powerful personal transformation training course. 

If your focus is to lead, teach and influence others or simply discover new heights and depths in your own life and practice, then Digital Level One is for you. It’s an immersion which will provide you with key insights and essential tools to empower and enable you to revitalize your life and master your own practice in order to powerfully and skillfully teach it to others. 

Together in Level One, we will take the deep dive into distinguishing, living and practicing asana, meditation and deep self inquiry.  The depth of education you receive during your Level One experience will totally alter what is possible and create lasting transformation in your body, mind and being. New levels of vitality, power and freedom will be discovered and revealed. The goal of Digital Level One is to elevate the quality of your life--forever. 

Ultimately, the real transformation in this program will come from you, but we will give you the environment, structure and experiential education to accomplish that.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in achieving massive growth, and lasting change in your own life, as well as empowering your ability to cause change in the lives of those you have the privilege to share it with. 

In possibility!

The Promise

The purpose of Level One: Journey Into Power is that you will open up, and practice being on a new pathway for yourself that makes a real difference in what matters most to you in your life and in expressing the practice of yoga.

You will learn what it takes to be an effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

Level One: Journey Into Power is an opportunity to dive deep into the transformational power of Baptiste Yoga Methodology and provides a total immersion as well as an introductory education in the foundational principles and primary postural sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga.

Results of Level One

Level One: Journey Into Power is a program that is basic training for body, heart and mind and is structured to meet three primary goals for attendees:

  1. Provide attendees with a foundational education to begin instructing and leading others using Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence (Journey Into Power).
  2. Attain the technical knowledge, skill and understanding to better use Baptiste Power Yoga practices and methods for empowering yourself and your own practice.
  3. Experience a fundamental shift in one’s ability to think and act far beyond existing views, outlooks and beliefs in order to alter what’s possible in personal and professional life, relationships, and wider communities of interest.

Level One: Journey Into Power is a critical training experience giving you eligibility to receive a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential, as well as for those interested in taking the “next steps” in continuing education to begin their path to receiving a full Baptiste Power Yoga certification.

Upon completion of Level One: Journey Into Power, you also have the opportunity to apply for studio Affiliation and become a part of the global Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate community.

"I had this fear of losing people, but the scary part was losing myself. I found my true self."

Taraneh F.

"The week has been very eye-opening for me. I realized a lot of things about myself."

Aaron S.

Program Description

Level One: Journey Into Power is a highly impactful weeklong accelerated learning experience designed to unlock and up-level the quality of your personal and professional life.

Discover how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals and take your life, practice and teaching to new heights of fulfillment, accomplishment, and contribution.

After decades of learning and discovery and thousands of hours of facilitation in the classroom, Baron Baptiste has dedicated his life to developing and sharing the most essential, powerful, and effective yoga methodology… Merging the critical elements and organizing principles of alignment to give you a postural sequence that you can practice and teach for the rest of your life with on-going expanding results.

This time-tested and proven Journey Into Power postural sequence trains and develops the body, heart and mind and is an access to a new kind of power, freedom and vitality.

Program Learning Objectives:

  • You will gain a foundational education so you can confidently and naturally share and instruct others in the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology and postural sequence.
  • You will attain the technical knowledge and understanding to empower your own practice and realize new physical confidence, strength and power.
  • You will experience new confidence and freedom in your ability to relate, communicate and instruct to groups of people.
  • You will gain the freedom to think and act beyond existing views and limiting beliefs allowing you to alter what’s possible in your personal and professional relationships and wider communities of interest.
  • You will experience a transformation in body, mind and heart.
  • You will discover new life purpose and attain the tools to follow that purpose.
  • Asana

    As an access to vitality, power and freedom

    You will be engaged in hands on learning and application of proper form, mechanics and alignment in your own postures. As postures are observed and corrected, you will engage in dialogue concerning effective teaching techniques.

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    Experiential Learning Objectives Through Asana Workshops

    • Define the core practices and foundational principles of Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.
    • Identify and instruct others in the 11 postural sequences that make a Baptiste Power Yoga class.
    • Discover how to build a yoga pose from the ground up.
    • Identify common misalignments in the core postures of the primary sequence.
    • Discover how to apply appropriate corrections and cues allowing for enhanced movement in postures.
    • Discover how to apply and conduct the primary sequence of postures safely and effectively.

    Daily Practices

    Daily large-group practices are conducted to provide an example of what it looks like to bridge the gap from theory to actual on the mat practice. These practices provide the opportunity to empower your own practice as well as examples of how to effectively:

    • Learn what it takes to conduct a Baptiste Power Yoga class and create an extraordinary practice experience.
    • Hold a standard of proper mechanics, flow and intensity.
    • Scale the practice and postures for ANY ability level.
    • Apply the fundamental Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology on the mat in real time.
    • Transform body, mind and heart on the mat in real time.
  • Meditation

    As an access to getting present and awakening

    Baptiste Power Yoga meditation practice and methodology is designed to get you present and awake to your Self, and make a profound and lasting difference in your life. At Level One: Journey Into Power you will get the simple power of a meditation practice which results in the ability to be absolutely at ease no matter where you are, with anyone and in any situation–giving you the power to be in action effectively in those areas of life that matter most to you.

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    In our group meditations you will break through the resistance and get into the fundamentals of sitting, disrupting the mental drift, and relaxing with what is. The daily meditation practices build upon each other throughout the week and support the integration of the overall weeklong journey of Level One: Journey Into Power.

  • Inquiry

    As an access to discovery and new possibilities

    You will engage in talkshops and inquiry explorations and exercises designed to observe the attitudes and mental models you’ve inherited, accumulated and taken on over the course of life that typically go unnoticed as ‘just the way things are’.

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    What if fear was no longer something that got in the way of living your life? What if instead, you were empowered and free to be in action in the areas of life that matter most to you and cause the results you want?

    What would you do, share, or accomplish?

    During our talkshop inquiry sessions you will have the opportunity to tap a fundamental power within: the power to transform fear into new action. You will have the opportunity to have a profound breakthrough in the unconscious fears that are limiting, thwarting or holding you back.

    Each day you will explore and discover what you want in your life, career or relationships and how your practice and teaching can support that. You will discover a clear and renewed sense of direction and life purpose. You will discover the steps to altering what’s possible in your life permanently, and close the gap between what’s now happening and what you want to have happen.

    Each day, you’ll uncover beliefs that limit your life, practice and teaching. You’ll learn the simple time-proven practice and methods of Baptiste Yoga that will empower you to achieve the breakthroughs that are waiting for you. At Level One: Journey Into Power, every day is transformation day.

  • Practice Teaching

    Practice teaching sessions are designed for you to gain skills in facilitating the primary sequence of postures in Baptiste Power Yoga. These practice teaching sessions are conducted so that all participants achieve the capacity and skill to conduct the entire Journey Into Power postural sequence in a flow style.

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    You will understand it and be able to deliver it word for word.

    You will likely discover how these practice teaching sessions can translate into solid empowerment for all areas of your life. You’ll unlock a new kind of powerful self expression and build new communication skills that you will use immediately in and out of the classroom.

Program Prerequisites

There is no prerequisite for Level One: Journey Into Power. All levels welcome.

This is the first training in our weeklong training programs:

  • Level One: Journey Into Power
  • Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey
  • Level Three: Beyond Borders

Each builds upon the next and must be completed in consecutive order.

Credential Requisites

To receive a Level One Credential, one must attend the entire training. This means:
  • 100 percent attendance to all sessions.
  • 100 percent participation in all break-work assignments. (This includes listening to recordings if applicable)
  • 100 percent participation in all practices (all practices can and will be scaled appropriately for individuals with unique needs).
  • Successful completion of the course exam.

You will receive a Letter of Attendance upon completion of the post program survey and an Award to show your accomplishment upon passing the Level One: Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential Exam. You are now able to teach Baptiste Yoga and call yourself a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor. The invitation to join the Baptiste Yoga Certification Pathway is extended, should you choose to participate. You can learn more about the Certification Requirements below.

Certification Requisites

Upon earning a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential, you will be invited to pay your dues and enjoy all that Membership with the Baptiste Yoga Certification Pathway has to offer.

The completion of this course will provide you with 100 elective hours towards your Baptiste Power Yoga Certification.

Affiliation Requisites

Upon successful completion of Level One: Journey Into Power, you are eligible to apply for Affiliation.

What to Expect

The Digital Level One experience will effectively deliver the powerful training, life-altering process, and profound results of Level One: Journey Into Power from the comfort of your own home and will provide powerful online learning with Baron Baptiste.

The training will take place online, via Zoom video each day from approximately 9:00am to 7:00pm EST with short breaks/break work built in.

The essential core work and curriculum of the program will occur over the 6 full days as well as through overnight assignments.

Daily Schedule
(Please note all program times below are in EST)

Session 1 | Begins at 9:00am EST

Break Work/Break

Session 2

Break Work/Break

Session 3

Break Work/Break

Session 4 | Ends at approximately 7:00pm EST

Who Should Join

Beginner and experienced yoga teachers and practitioners

Anyone with a desire to grow
and show up fully

Studio owners and
community builders

This program is meant for anyone with a deep desire to grow, including:

  • ANY skill level
  • ANY adult age
  • ANY body type
  • ANY background
  • ANY language

While previous experience with Baptiste Power Yoga may give you a different starting point, this program was designed to support individuals who are coming in as beginner yoga practitioners as well. In other words, however you show up to the training is perfect.

The Baptiste Institute believes in developing and sustaining communities that are welcoming and inclusive and exists to disrupt the drift. Standing together sets us apart! We awaken and empower human beings to live in wholeness and full potencia as a moment to moment experience. We support the masses in discovering their purpose and provide structures to follow it. We are here to alter what is possible for ALL people.

What people are saying about Level One

"My powerful takeaway from Level One was learning how to teach yoga and not be doing yoga. Level One empowered me to really see the students who are in the room and teach to what is actually happening in the moment."

Jennifer H

"Quite simply, my Level One experience was the most impactful week I have ever had."

Melissa D

"“I believe this training is perfect for everyone at all levels in their practice and in life. It really forces you to open up to identify who you really are.”"

Steve A

Tuition: $2,500 USD or $208.33/mo

Tuition is $2,500. You have the option of paying your tuition in full upon registration or to pay in instalments.

There is a $500 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit (cannot be used for a future program upon cancellation or transfer) that is included upon completion of your registration and will be applied to your tuition.