Virtual Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey

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The Promise

The promise of Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is that you will leave the training standing in a new kind of power and purpose as practitioner and teacher of The Baptiste Methodology™. In this training you will transform what’s holding you back in your practice, in your teaching, and in your life, allowing for your next level of empowered expression and skillfulness to unfold.

Real Work. Real Results.

Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is structured to meet the following primary goals for attendees:

  1. Upgrade and up-level your self-expression with leading groups.
  2. Elevate your technical knowledge and the skill set for leading the Journey Into Power sequence and the Organizing Principles of True North Alignment.
  3. Deepen your capacity for how to apply the Baptiste Methodology in ways that make a real, lasting difference for you and the other lives you touch.

In one week, you will…

  • Eradicate your own limitations blocking your calling and your career.
  • Break barriers of self-judgement.
  • Discover how your words create your world.
  • Exhibit effective ways of being and personal presence in the classroom.
  • Identify and develop essential qualities of an effective instructor.
  • Engage and inspire your students with your authentic voice and presence.
  • Explore and improve your own vibrant body language.
  • Refine, detail and empower your own yoga practice.

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Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey