Affiliate Empowerment Summit


Affiliate Empowerment Summit Update: 

It is with a heavy heart that we announce our beloved space—the Baptiste Sanctuary in Ojai, CA—is among the countless other homes and properties to have succumb to the raging California fires. The structures, bridges and much of the vegetation are gone. The Baptiste Sanctuary (a Baptiste Foundation project) was intended to be a home for Baptiste Yoga; a place to lead empowering programs for youth, wounded warriors, people in recovery and those who would otherwise not have access to Baptiste Yoga. 

On the closing day of the upcoming Affiliate Empowerment Summit, we were going to travel to the property for the first-ever, on-site Baptiste Yoga event. This excursion was intended to share our new and developing Baptiste Foundation project with you—our community. We could hardly wait. Tours were arranged to share the beauty of the land, Baron was going to lead a master class, there were food trucks coming, and a band was going to play for a night of dancing under the stars. It was intended to be a momentous day for a remarkable group.

We acknowledge any inconveniences and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being all-in with us. Thank you for all the love, well wishes and contributions that have poured in over the last few days. We are developing more ways in which you can support and, in the meantime, for those of you who are called to do something now, every contribution makes a difference. Donate here. If there is a time to demonstrate who we are for the world, this is it. We look forward to what's about to be created.

If you have questions, please email

"The sun sets to rise again." —Robert Browning

With love,

The Baptiste Team


2018 Theme:
The Methodology as a Tool to Level Up

> Learn how the Methodology can take you beyond what you had considered possible.
> Explore the nature of using the Methodology to transform all areas of life including how you work with people.
> Hang out and connect with other studio leaders, Baptiste teachers and change makers in the community from around the world.
> Learn and up level from the experience of others who are powerfully sharing Baptiste Yoga in the world.
> Discover and explore new ways for your studio life and commitments to manifest and unfold.

This years Empowerment Summit is a huge opportunity to Level Up, Cause Deep Community and Expand and Grow in the areas that are of most importance to YOU!  

The Summit is designed for you to see your classrooms, your studio, your leadership and your own potential from a space of new possibility.  This three day gathering will surely transform the way you and your teams generate in your own community, leaving you and your teams fully inspired, empowered and full of greatness!  

Each day will include embodied learning practices (asana, meditation, inquiry) and a multitude of breakout sessions on focused topics that can drive the next level of expanding results. The break out sessions are all dedicated to UPLEVELING your studio life and teams. Each afternoon will also include a session dedicated to UPLEVELING your teaching from the methodology.  This summit will have the most powerful results for those who not only fully immerse into the learnings but to those who bring their team to the event to learn and develop together, in community!


The 2018 Affiliate Summit is for the network of Baptiste Affiliated Studios owners, managers, teachers, and individuals and their teams currently in the process of becoming Affiliated or those who have a strong interest in becoming Affiliated. We encourage all teams, leaders, and teachers, affiliated or not, to attend this event as a way to uplevel and unfold your commitments.

The Summit is an ideal place to discover the Methodology in new ways that can support studio life beyond what you had considered possible. The Summit is an opportunity to hear from other successful Baptiste studio leaders, managers, teachers and leaders who are at the cutting-edge of actively transforming all areas of studio life using the Methodology, including, teaching skills, the business of yoga, on-going education, community, and philanthropy. Baptiste yogi’s from across the globe also reconnect with each other, celebrate, share and explore new aspects of making a difference for themselves and others.


Dates: Late 2018 (exact dates will be confirmed early January 2018)

Location: California


Room reservation info will be updated once new dates are finalized.


Meal info will be updated once new dates are finalized.


> Daily training and development in asana, meditation and inquiry.
> Breakout sessions to elevate specific areas of your leadership and your work.
> A celebration that will leave you feeling connected to the global Baptiste Affiliate Studio community.


Journal and pen
> Yoga mat
> Yoga block
> Yoga strap
> Refillable water bottle, gatorade or other electrolyte replenisher
> Plenty of yoga clothes
> Towels or yogi toes for sweaty asana practice


> Baptiste Affiliate Owners  |  $275 

> Certified Baptiste Teachers  |  $335.75 (with the discount code)

> General Admission**  |  $395

*Minimal transaction fee will be included at checkout.

**General admission includes non-Affiliate Owners, non-Certified Teachers, studio teams, etc.


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