Level One Training


The promise of Level One: Journey Into Power Training is that you will open up, empower, and practice being on a new pathway for yourself that makes a real difference in what matters most to you in your life and in expressing the practice. You will learn what it takes to be an effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

Level One: Journey Into Power is an environment of extraordinary standards. It is a total immersion in which more is demanded of you than ever before. You will engage in the three essential practices of Baptiste Yoga™; the physical practice of power vinyasa yoga, meditation practice as an access to being clear and present, and the practice of transformative self-inquiry to unlock mental potential. Engaging with these practices will develop your working understanding of the Baptiste Methodology™ and will leave you transformed with greater power, freedom and vitality.

This program is not so much about “how to teach yoga”, but rather it is about “what principles and practices to teach” and “where to think and teach from” within yourself. This breakthrough approach is what makes Baptiste training programs unique and distinct in the world turning out high impact teachers and leaders. The focus is on experiential and embodied learning which allows you to discover the practices and techniques more deeply for yourself. You will transform as a result of participating in this powerful program, and this transformation will become the platform from which you share your love of yoga as a natural expression of who you are.

Participating in Level One: Journey Into Power is a deep immersion into the transformative practices of Baptiste Yoga™ and does not require you to currently teach, nor have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own growth and to fulfilling on what matters most to you in your practice and in your life.

This is the first training in our weeklong training programs:

LEVEL ONE: Journey Into Power
LEVEL TWO: The Sannyasin’s Journey
LEVEL THREE: Beyond Borders

Each builds upon the next and must be completed in consecutive order.


> Full immersion into the Baptiste Methodology™ through asana, meditation and inquiry.
> Technical knowledge and confidence in teaching the Journey Into Power sequence.
> Full self-expression on your mat, in your teaching and in your life!


    "Quite simply, my Level One experience was the most impactful week I have ever had." —Melissa D

    "This training was life changing. It opened my eyes to where I see my life going and how I can be in constant creation of how to get there." —Morgan B

    "I believe this training is perfect for everyone at all levels in their practice and in life. It really forces you to open up to identify who you really are." —Steve A

    "I strongly think that this program should be taken by everyone even if they are not planning on teaching. It is so much more." —Daniel V

    "The best decision of my life was attending this program. Entering the program I felt incomplete as a person, leaving the program I feel complete. It has opened me up and empowered me to create a new way being, which is full of possibilities." Tim K


    This training is for you if you simply want to deepen your yoga practice, aspire to teach or are already teaching. It is a requirement for Tier 1: 200 hour certification.


    This yoga teacher training requires you to commit yourself 100%. This includes: being on time to all sessions, being coachable in the moment and being open to try on what is offered.


    Daily you can expect two to three yoga practices, meditation, group discussions, and partner work. 

    The schedule will be full and we recommend if you would like to sightsee, arrive prior to the start of the program or stay a few days after the program ends.

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      Upcoming Programs

      Level One | Park City, Utah

      June 15 - 21, 2019

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      Level One | Phoenicia, New York

      August 3 - 10, 2019

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      Level One | Ojai, California

      September 30 - October 7, 2019 | Registration Now Open!

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