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Level Two Training


The promise of Level Two: The Sannyasin's Journey is that:

You will leave the training being a high impact teacher of The Baptiste Methodology™.

You will transform what’s holding you back in your practice, your teaching and your life, discovering for yourself your inspired expression and authentic practice.

You will embody the skills and technical knowledge required to effectively practice and teach the Journey Into Power sequence and the tools of True North Alignment.

Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is an opportunity for you to discover for yourself authentic and powerful teaching and living. You will transform areas of your teaching and your life that hold you back from full self-expression and get trained in how to use the tools that make a difference for you and your students right NOW. It is also the next step on your path to the extraordinary accomplishment of becoming a Baptiste Certified Teacher.

The definition of a Sannyasin is to be a seeker of truth on a mission of positive change. At Level Two you will do the real and rigorous work of a Sannyasin. You and your peers bring a powerful commitment to getting to what works in your practice and in your teaching, and excavating what doesn’t work and giving it up. As a result, you will leave this training being a high impact teacher and leader of Baptiste Yoga with the skills and technical knowledge to effectively teach and lead as a natural expression of who you are.

Participating in Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey does not require you to currently teach nor have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own growth and to fulfilling on what matters most to you.

This is the second training in our weeklong training programs:

LEVEL ONE: Journey Into Power
LEVEL TWO: The Sannyasin’s Journey
LEVEL THREE: Beyond Borders

Each builds upon the next and must be completed in consecutive order.


Full immersion into the Baptiste Methodology™ through asana, meditation and inquiry.
Teach and live from your fullest expression of creativity and vitality.
Experience power and effectiveness in your teaching and in your life.


This program is for you if you simply want to deepen your yoga practice, aspire to teach or are already teaching. It is a requirement for Tier 1: 200 hour certification. Level One: Journey Into Power is a prerequisite.


This yoga teacher training requires you to commit yourself 100%. This includes: being on time to all sessions, being coachable in the moment and being open to try on what is offered.


Daily you can expect two to three yoga practices, meditation, group discussions and partner work. Your tuition includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and an afternoon snack.

Each participant will have the opportunity to teach and get real-time feedback.

The schedule will be full and we recommend if you would like to sightsee, arrive prior to the start of the program or stay a few days after the program ends.


  1. Apply to the LEVEL TWO: The Sannyasin’s Journey program that best fits your schedule
    (a $500 deposit is required upon submitting your application).
  2. Upon review of your application, you may be contacted for follow up information. Otherwise, you will receive a confirmation email with housing assignment, payment information and next steps.

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Upcoming Programs

Level Two | Sedona, AZ

October 14 - 21, 2017

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