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Three decades of mastery
in one beautiful book

Baptiste Yoga is an act of service and an important part of healing our world. To be a source for other’s greatness, you are a remarkable person. We wanted to create something remarkable to support you. This book is a compilation of all our practices and techniques. We’ve currated the most up to date methodology to support your growth as someone who is up to something bigger than themselves.

You are the fire, we are the match.

When you get The Source, you have at your fingertips a wealth of knowledge, information and inspiration.

  • Get access to NEW Baptiste Yoga content that will elevate your practice and your life leaving you inspired to take action now.
  • Answer questions throughout the book that will shift your vision and get you into action today.
  • Learn how Baptiste Yoga came to be and the future direction of this extraordinary practice.
  • Delve into how Baptiste Yoga relates to the 5000 year old practice of yoga.
  • Experience the Baptiste Methodology in a new way through content, stories and information gathered straight from Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Institute and Baptiste Foundation.
  • Access beautiful photos and powerful content at your fingertips that define and demonstrate each yoga pose in the Journey Into Power sequence, anatomy as it relates to each pose and each yoga pose assisted.
  • Get potent business tips and tricks for aspiring and seasoned yoga teachers, and yoga studio owners.



Get access to the distinctions, practices and tools of Baptiste Yoga to supercharge those aspects of yourself and your life where you are already able and successful, and produce breakthroughs in power and ability where your vitality and way of being or dealing with your life circumstances and challenges has been less than optimal.


This isn’t a coffee table book you pull out and dust off only when your parents come to visit. This book is the source for all things Baptiste Yoga. It has been developed and written with you in mind—the Baptiste Yoga practitioner and teacher. Finally, the extraordinary wisdom and power of Baptiste Yoga at your fingertips. We envision this book to be opened daily, the reader sourcing their yoga practice and their life from its contents. Imagine getting everything you want in life! The practice of Baptiste Yoga offers this to you, but you need to do the work. Pre-order The Source today and begin living your life at the peak.

Why you need
this book.

The Source features 8 dynamic and engaging topics that include NEW content never before shared—from in-depth explanations of the Baptiste Methodology to the how of assisting poses to the business of yoga, and everything in between. This is not just another manual that you will put on your bookshelf to collect dust. The Source delivers to you the tools and techniques that are relevant now to the yoga practitioner and the yoga teacher, and will leave you inspired and empowered to take your life on in a new way.

Ready now?
Yes you are.



Thank you! All proceeds from pre-sales will be donated to the Baptiste Foundation. Share this page with the people in your life who could benefit from The Source. Books sold equals donations made.