Baptiste Assisting Course

Discover Presence and Connection to your Teaching

Give and receive an assist for each pose in a real-time class

Transform fear and hesitation into service

Discover a community and experience belonging

Welcome to the Baptiste Assisting Course

An assist to a student’s pose is one of the most empowering gifts a Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher can provide. After you complete this course, you will experience the 11 sequences of a Baptiste Power Yoga signature class and you will be able to apply presence and connection to your teaching.

Through an embodied understanding of assisting, participants of this course will leave with an ability to support their students into a fuller expression of each pose. Participants understand how True North Alignment underpins any and all assisting, and they use this knowledge to make choices as an assistant.

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This training is an opportunity for you to take your teaching to the next level, transforming any fear and hesitation into service. You will leave with new and invaluable tools to share with your community.

The Baptiste Assisting Course leaves you with the experience of having found a community that you belong to, where there is something of value for you. It is an opportunity to experience the big picture of Baptiste Power Yoga.

The Promise

You will have an embodied experience of True North Alignment, leaving you with the skills and technical knowledge to instruct others in creating True North Alignment in their own bodies.

You will utilize the foundational Baptiste Methodology to assist the 11 sequences of Journey Into Power.

You will have a new experience of connection with others and being of service.


  • Knowledge of the basics of assisting.
  • The ability to use True North Alignment to provide impactful, empowering assists through looking, listening and giving tools.
  • Practice assisting a real-time class.

The Baptiste Assisting Course leaves you with the experience of having found a community that you belong to, where there is something of value for you. It is an opportunity to experience the big picture of Baptiste Power Yoga.

Program Description

This two day intensive program will give you access to the foundational methods for successfully assisting each pose of a Baptiste Power Yoga based class. Upon completion of this program, you will know what to look for in each pose to best serve your students.

This program is not intended for you to memorize every assist explored during our two days together. Instead, we will focus on training you to observe your own body and your students’ bodies so you can notice where True North Alignment is missing. You will take responsibility for listening deeply to each individual, sharing the appropriate tool at the appropriate time, adding the proper intensity in the safest ways possible.

Program Learning Objectives

In this program you will:

  • Participate in a Baptiste Power Yoga Journey Into Power class.
  • Assist a Baptiste Power Yoga Journey Into Power practice.
  • Explore the 5 Organizing Principles of True North Alignment, as they relate to assisting.
  • Learn assists for every pose in the Journey Into Power sequence.
  • Discuss key components of the methodology including:
    • 3 Types of Assists
    • 3 Types of Touch
    • 7 Actions of Artful Assisting
    • Art & Mastery of Baptiste Yoga

Program Prerequisites

There is no prerequisite for the Baptiste Assisting Course.
All levels welcome.

Certification Credential Requisites

To receive a Letter of Attendance upon completion, one must attend the entire two day training. This means:

  • 100 percent attendance to all sessions.
  • 100 percent participation in all break-work assignments.
  • 100 percent participation in all practices (all practices can and will be scaled appropriately for individuals with unique needs).
  • All program participants who meet the requisites are issued a Baptiste Assisting Course Letter of Attendance. Letters of Attendance are emailed upon completion of the program survey.

The completion of this two-day program will provide you with 15 elective hours towards your Baptiste Power Yoga Certification.

Affiliation Requisites

Baptiste Assisting Course does not qualify you for Affiliation. However, upon successful completion of Level One: Journey Into Power OR the Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential Course (previously known as the Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Course), you are eligible to apply for Affiliation. Click here to learn more!

What to Expect

This is the course to build on a POWERFUL and unique skill set within your Yoga practice.  You will evolve your ability to support others and yourself.

The Baptiste Yoga Assisting Course is the perfect next step on your pathway to becoming the most effective teacher possible and will take your practice to the next level.

Daily Schedule

Day 1: 9am - 6pm (doors open at 8am for registration)

Day 2: 9am - 5pm (doors open at 8:30am)

*60 minute lunch break each day.

Who Should Join

Beginner teachers and practitioners

Established teachers and practitioners

Yoga studio owners

The Baptiste Assisting Course is perfect for you if:

  • You currently teach or assist and want to upgrade your assisting technique.
  • You aspire to be a hands-on assistant in a yoga class.
  • You want to develop new skills in your yoga practice.

Ready to get started?

Deep connection and support are an important part of any healthy yoga practice.

In this way, assisting is both humbling and deeply rewarding for those ready to be of service.