Invaluable training in communication, capacity to influence, and freedom in self-expression

For an entire YEAR, allow this training to BE your LIFE

Engage in lifelong partnerships with global changemakers and community leaders

Welcome to Fit To Lead

Fit To Lead is a year long highly specialized Immersion Program into the Art and Mastery of Baptiste Yoga. This training is designed for anyone serious about being a leader, delivering high quality teaching experiences and exercising leadership effectively in all aspects of life and living.

This unique training is an opportunity to engage with remarkable people and is a peak educational experience, resulting in a significant turning point for your life and leadership in the classroom and in the environments that make up your life.

In this program, you’ll develop your ability to instruct, lead and communicate effectively with large groups of people inside the classroom and out, and to speak in a way that inspires others to produce extraordinary results…on the mat and off. Over the course of the year it will provide you with a consistent process for expressing and realizing your own commitment to make a powerful, immediate difference in people’s lives. You’ll find yourself fully directing and creating the work of Baptiste Yoga with ease and confidence in your classroom environments and in all areas of your life.

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Participants develop mastery in the delivery and implementation of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology, and they advance their skills in powerfully leading groups in the Journey Into Power sequence, meditation and self inquiry. Participants will receive invaluable training in communication, capacity to influence, and freedom in self-expression.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your teaching, lead teams more effectively, grow your career and finances, successfully run an Affiliate Studio, lead Baptiste Institute Programs, or a combination of these goals, Fit To Lead will give you the insight and tools needed to be an impactful contribution to the lives you touch and what matters to you most.


The Promise

You will leave the Fit To Lead Training Program being a natural leader and an effective educator of the principles and practices of the Baptiste Methodology as a natural expression of who you are. You will have the ability to powerfully and naturally alter what happens in your classroom environments and in all areas of your life. We will be a team of leaders and teachers with unprecedented power and ability, who are fully self-expressed in fulfilling their own life priorities and the reason for the existence of Baptiste Yoga in the world – this is our new future now. You will be at cause in creating a life affirming footprint of your own legacy in the world.

Program Description

When you’re ready to commit to your greatest potential, step into your life’s growing edge and create a completely new experience of life and leadership, then the Fit To Lead Training Program is for you. Your realm of possibilities will be expanded beyond measure, and you will have the ease and confidence to lead yourself and others in any type of situation you encounter.

Come prepared to be heavily engaged over the course of one year. The training includes individual and group coaching in real-time, four in-person gatherings, group video conference calls, and intensive training in the practices and methods of transformation used in Baptiste Yoga.

There is an emphasis on freeing up the constraints which thwart one’s ability to express themselves freely and clearly, with a focus on effectively leading large groups.

The practical real-time coaching and development will allow you to share and express the principles and distinctions of this program in every area of your daily life.

Program Learning Objectives

For one year you will focus on 5 Domains of Mastery:

  • Mastery of Self

    The Three Themes of Baptiste Yoga provide access to discovering new ways of being, acting & living:

    Be a Yes

    Give up what you must

    Come from the place of “I am ready now”

  • Mastery of Communal Environment

    Depth of Relatedness

    Depth of Accountability

    Depth of Belonging

    Depth of Commitment to Something Bigger than Oneself

    Depth of Care & Thoughtfulness in How we Gather

  • Mastery Delivery

    The way in which the Methodology and Mechanics are applied to the practices.
    The application happens in the space of The 10 Tenets of Leading & Teaching Baptiste Yoga:

    Teaching Point: Distinguishing only 1-2 points at a time

    Skill work: True North Alignment

    Leading the Practice: Allow the people to discover for themselves

  • Mastery of Mechanics

    What the leader does, the processes used, and the concepts they are based on:

    Managing the physical environment and the mechanics of how we gather

    The Mechanics of leading the Journey into Power practice and each pose

    The Mechanics of leading Meditation

    The Mechanics of leading the Inquiry Process

  • Mastery of Methodology

    The Practices & Techniques framework
    focus is on the whole human being: body, mind, being.

    Physical Practice (Asana)

    Meditation (Dhyana)

    Inquiry (Niyama)

Program Prerequisites

  1. Completed Level One: Journey Into Power.
  2. Pass the online test and receive your Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential or hold a Tier of Certification.
  3. Fill out the Fit To Lead application.

We strongly recommend you complete Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey and Level Three: Beyond Borders.

Participating in Fit To Lead does not require you to currently teach or even have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own growth and to fulfilling on what matters most to you.

Certification Credential Requisites

To receive a Fit to Lead Certificate of Completion, one must commit to full-participation. This means:

  • 100 percent attendance to all four gatherings:
    • 100 percent attendance to all sessions.
    • 100 percent participation in all break-work assignments.
    • 100 percent participation in all practices (all practices can and will be scaled appropriately for individuals with unique needs).
  • 100 percent attendance to all video conference calls.
  • 100 percent participation in all assignments throughout the year.

Affiliation Requisites

Upon successful completion of Level One: Journey Into Power, you are eligible to apply for Affiliation. Therefore, Fit to Lead participants are eligible and encouraged to Affiliate.

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What to Expect

Your Year-Long Curriculum:

Four In-Person Gatherings

  • Each gathering is four full weekdays: Monday through Thursday.
  • Nothing replaces being together face to face.

Monthly Video Calls

  • ZOOM video conference calls between gatherings.
  • The work of the training continues between gatherings.
  • The conference calls are intended to keep the work and results of the training alive in your real life situations.
  • Join your WHOLE cohort to deepen the experience and up-level your game.

Focus Homework

  • The assignments are designed to both elevate and integrate into your life and cause deep fundamental shifts in leading, teaching and living.
  • Connect with your small group and expand your community.

Closed Facebook Group

  • Stay connected to your remarkable peers and keep your practice and growth real and alive through an empowered communal environment!

Is Fit To Lead Right For You?

Developing yoga instructors

Organizational and community Leaders

Affiliate studio owners and future Affiliates

Many past participants have been CEOs, organizational leaders, full time teachers, studio owners, artists, competitive athletes, college students, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and many others from all walks of life who wanted to discover and become a new kind of leader of themselves and for others. The Fit To Lead training empowers you to face every situation in life with ease and confidence and direct how things go.

Prepare to make some of the richest and most fulfilling lifelong friendships with a group of remarkable peers who truly stand for you and the activation of your life purpose.

You are FIT to join this program if one or all of the following is of interest to you:

  • You are interested in presenting yourself more effectively and powerfully to groups.
  • Introduce the public to Baptiste Power Yoga in such a way that people can see for themselves what’s possible and act on those possibilities.
  • Exhibit and assess effective ways of being and presence in any classroom situation.
  • Identify and develop essential qualities of an effective leader and instructor.
  • Outline and describe each key component of a Journey Into Power class.
  • Develop group management skills and become a steward of community.
  • You want to engage with other remarkable global changemakers and community leaders in the program.
  • You have experience teaching and would like to receive a lifelong upgrade.
  • You want to open or up-level your own Affiliate Studio.
  • You have an interest in leading Baptiste Training Programs.
  • You are a changemaker, community activist, and/or team leader who’s ready for what’s next in living life as contribution.
  • You’re ready to have a community that will support you in expanding your edge beyond anything recognizable or imaginable.

There’s a reason why it’s not uncommon for attendees to go through this program more than once, simply to keep enjoying the powerful benefits, the self clarity, professional growth, vitality, community, and fun within.


  1. You have completed Level One: Journey Into Power.
  2. You have passed the online certification exam and have received your Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential or hold a Tier of Certification.
  3. You have filled out the Fit To Lead application (and have been approved).

We strongly recommend you complete Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey and Level Three: Beyond Borders.

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What people are saying about Fit to Lead

"“This training was life changing. It opened my eyes to where I see my life going and how I can be in constant creation of how to get there.”"

Morgan B

"“I believe this training is perfect for everyone at all levels in their practice and in life. It really forces you to open up to identify who you really are.”"

Steve A

"“I strongly think that this program should be taken by everyone even if they are not planning on teaching. It is so much more.”"

Daniel V

"“The best decision of my life was attending this program. Entering the program I felt incomplete as a person, leaving the program I feel complete. It has opened me up and empowered me to create a new way being, which is full of possibilities.”"

Tim K

Saying YES To The Most Incredible Journey Of Your Life

The program offers invaluable training in The 5 Domains of Mastery: Art (delivery of the practices), Science (mechanics of the practice), Depth and Heart (self-expression and way of being), Practices & Techniques (methodology as the pathway) and Deep Community (the collective communal environment).

open now

This event has multiple dates

Apr 12 - Apr 15, 2021 at Park City, UT or Digitally

Aug 23 - Aug 26, 2021 at Park City, UT or Digitally

Nov 8 - Nov 11, 2021 at Park City, UT or Digitally

Park City, UT or Digitally

$6,299 USD



The final gathering date is to be determined.

You will have the option to attend virtually from anywhere in the world or in person. If we are unable to meet in person in April 2021, we will be meeting virtually.

Payment Options

Pay in Full | $6,299.00
Pay in Installments | $699.90/month ($6,999.00)


Completed Level One.

Have passed the online test and received your Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential or hold a Tier of Certification.

Completion of Level Two within 2020/2021 is a recommendation if you have not yet completed it.

Fill out the Fit To Lead application.

Arrival & Departure

The program begins at 9:00am on the first day of each session’s gathering and completes in the evening on the final day. If you are attending in person, please plan to arrive the day prior to each session’s start date and depart the day after each session’s end date.

In order to maintain the integrity of the program and to uphold your commitment to show up 100%, we cannot allow any late arrivals or early departures to program. All gatherings must be attended in full to receive your Completion Certificate for the training.


$6,299 includes coursework for the year-long training. You have the following payment options:

  • Option 1: Pay in full at Registration | $6299
  • Option 2: 10 month Payment Plan | $699.90/month | $6990

You are responsible for travel expenses to and from any in person location, housing and meals. A $500 non refundable deposit is required at time of enrollment.

Registration is open for Park City, UT or Digitally

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