Develop mastery in delivering the Baptiste Methodology

Join the global collective of advanced Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leaders

Live an extraordinary life of contribution.

Welcome to Level Three: Beyond Borders

Level Three: Beyond Borders is a live, 6 1/2 day training designed for you to become the contribution that makes a profound difference in the lives of those you touch and the community in which you live.

What signifies a Baptiste Yoga Level Three graduate is a dedication to possibility. Instead of merely pointing people toward generic answers and quick fixes, these leaders operate from a stand for a world of possibility that is created from right now. They have the capacity to stand in front of the past, look and listen for what’s needed and give tools that make a difference right now.

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In Level Three: Beyond Borders, you’ll develop yourself as this kind of leader. You’ll develop your ability to communicate effectively with large and small groups in the classroom and beyond, in a way that inspires extraordinary results on and off the mat.

You’ll go beyond the borders of constricting default teaching scripts and open into the transformative power of “Look, Listen, and Give Tools” sourced from what you see right in front of you. You’ll develop skillfulness in the methodology “The Art and Mastery of Working with the Pose”, to give empowering alignment cues that make a real difference right now.

The Promise

You will bring forth a new level of competency and be left with a mastery in delivering the Baptiste Methodology in your community.

You will make/manifest those things that were not going to happen anyway in your teaching, your life and the lives of those around you.

You are free to make your unique contribution and leadership expressed as a leader/teacher in the world.

Results of Level Three

In This Training You Will:

    • Disrupt the drift in your practice, teaching and leading both on and off the mat.
    • Create yourself as a new kind of leader OF, and FOR, others.
    • Awaken to your blind spots and see with new eyes what has limited you in the past.
    • Gain direct access to the Methodology that facilitates breakthroughs in teaching directly to the body and leading from the heart.
    • Create a new and profound relationship with your yoga practice, such that it becomes a platform for achieving what’s important to you in your teaching and in your life.
    • Manifest those things in your life that weren’t going to happen anyways.

Program Description

This advanced yoga teacher training is about mastery – mastery in teaching what you love. Mastery as a practitioner and teacher of the Baptiste Methodology. Mastery at being a leader in your life and in your community.

This program will provide you with the structure for expressing and realizing your own commitment to make a powerful, immediate contribution to people’s lives. You will find yourself fully generating and creating the work of transformation on the mat and in the classroom with confidence and ease.

Level Three: Beyond Borders is about creating a new and profound relationship with your yoga practice such that it becomes a platform for achieving what’s most important to you as well as living an extraordinary life of contribution.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Asana

    As an access to vitality, power and freedom

    Experiential Learning Objectives Through Asana Workshops

    Gain experiential, hands-on learning objectives, developing participants to deepen your understanding of the Three Source Principles: Physicalness, Possibility, and Empowerment, as creations in action.

    • Speak to essential mechanics of postures.
    • Demonstrate essential mechanics of key postures in the Journey Into Power sequence.
    • Identify common static and dynamic defaults in the Journey Into Power sequence and postures.
    • Define effective approaches for correcting common defaults.
    • Demonstrate correction of common defaults using tactile, verbal and visual cues.
    • Exhibit and assess effective ways of being and presence in the classroom.
    • Identify and develop essential qualities of an effective instructor.
    • Outline and describe each key component of a Journey Into Power class.
    • Develop group management skills.
    • Evaluate individual physical capacity and be able to scale postures to the appropriate level as needed.

    Daily Practices

    Daily large-group practices are conducted to provide an example of what it looks like to bridge the gap from theory and concept to actual, on the mat practice. These practices provide the opportunity to empower your own practice, as well as provide examples of how to effectively:

    • Create your practice from the Tenet – come from we are connected.
    • Be in your body and be ‘out here’ with each and every body.
    • Develop your practice as something bigger than yourself.
    • Practice as a Master.
    • Hold a standard of proper mechanics, flow and intensity.
    • Scale the practice and postures to fit ANY and ALL ability levels.
    • Apply the fundamental Methodology on the mat in real time.
    • Transform body, mind, and heart on the mat, in the now.
  • Meditation

    As an access to getting present and awakening

    Meditation is your access point to getting present and awakening.

    Meditation is an opportunity to open up to an awareness of what is you, and what is not you, and discover the space in between. It is a tool to develop your witness-self.

    The result of mediation is peaceful powerfulness. With that, we approach meditation with joy and use it as a tool to wake up to life, rather than as a coping technique to tolerate the passing of time. The hallmark of Baptiste meditation is simplicity.

    Take your meditation practice and leadership to the next level by leading others in meditation. Practice leading others in various guided meditations rooted in the same simplicity offered in Baptiste Yoga programs. Discover that you are ready to lead meditation now!

  • Inquiry

    As an access to discovery and new possibilities

    Inquiry as an access to discovery and new possibilities. During our talkshop Inquiry Sessions, you will be offered practical and effective methods for dealing with unworkability in the relationships in your life.

    In Level One: Journey Into Power you discovered that you have the say about who you are, and in Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey you discovered your full self-expression, and yourself as community.

    In Level Three: Beyond Borders you will have the opportunity to discover through inquiry a concrete, reliable pathway to deal with, and get complete in, the areas in your life that matter most to you, beyond the borders of what you know now. This will open up a new realm of possibility for you.

  • Practice Teaching

    Practice teaching sessions are designed for you to gain skills in facilitating and leading Journey Into Power, as designed.

    Learn how to:

    • Give tools and demonstrations from various key postures of the primary Journey Into Power sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga.
    • Provide students access to upgrade and deepen their practice. Get real-time, live coaching.
    • Bring in clear and essential language.
    • Achieve the capacity and skills to generate and deliver the intention of the Journey Into Power sequence.
    • Get over yourself by getting that the student is always right and the teacher is always responsible.
    • Unlock a new kind of powerful self expression and build relevant, life-altering communication skills you will use immediately in and out of the classroom.

Program Prerequisites

This is the third training in our weeklong training programs:

  • Level One: Journey Into Power
  • Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey
  • Level Three: Beyond Borders

Each builds upon the next and must be completed in consecutive order.

Certification Credential Requirements

To receive a Level Three Letter of Attendance, one must attend the entire six and a half day training (8 a.m.- 10 p.m. most days).

This means:

  • 100 percent attendance to all sessions.
  • 100 percent participation in all break-work assignments.
  • 100 percent participation in all practices (all practices can and will be scaled appropriately for individuals with unique needs).

Letters of Attendance are emailed upon completion of the program survey.

  • Level Three: Beyond Borders provides 100 Hours toward Certification Hours.

Affiliation Requisites

Upon successful completion of Level One: Journey Into Power, you are eligible to apply for Affiliation. Therefore, Level Three: Beyond Borders participants are eligible and encouraged to Affiliate.

What to Expect

Some nights may end as early as 7pm; some nights have gone as late as 11pm. The training includes experiential learning and hands-on instruction through meditation practice, self-inquiry topics and Baptiste Power Yoga practice, as well as practice teaching sessions. Expect the transformational intensity of Baptiste Power Yoga immersive weeklong trainings, with the unique programming only found at Level Three: Beyond Borders. As this is a dynamic program, the schedule is subject to change.

Daily Schedule


Early Morning Session | Approximately 8:00am


Morning Session


Afternoon Session


Late Afternoon Session


Possible Evening Session

Participating in Level Three: Beyond Borders does not require you to currently teach nor have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own growth and to fulfilling on what matters most to you. This includes being on time to all sessions, being coachable in the moment and being open to trying on what is offered.

Who Should Join

Devoted Baptiste Power Yoga Teachers and Practitioners

Leaders willing to press the limits and go beyond the edge of their comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs interested in serving and impacting global communities

You’re a Baptiste Affiliate or a studio owner looking to join the Baptiste community through affiliation.

The Baptiste Institute believes in developing and sustaining communities that are welcoming and inclusive and exists to disrupt the drift. Standing together sets us apart! We awaken and empower human beings to live in wholeness and full potencia as a moment to moment experience. We support the masses in discovering their purpose and provide structures to follow it. We are here to alter what is possible for ALL people.

What people are saying about Level Three

"Since Level three ...I have fulfilled my goal of completing the Unstoppable Facilitator training, and I’m leading my first training this month. ...I am embodying my “why” in my workplace and in my personal life, and am able to sense when I’m out of alignment with my own integrity or actions around what I say I want- and am therefore able to take concrete steps to “right the ship”. ...I am even more grateful for the worldwide connection of teachers and students of this powerful practice. WE are making change on and off our mats thanks to Baptiste Power Yoga."

Jodi F

"Level Three is an experience of what is possible when you get clear with your ideas and aspirations and reach out within your community and ask for support. Connection and contribution are key foundations of Level Three training and I was left with the realization that I am surrounded by allies and my contribution to my community is essential."

Jennifer H

"After my experience at Level 3 Beyond Borders, I have seen a shift in my perception of conflicts or interchanges with the people in my life in a dramatic way. I now recognize when feelings and stories come up that don't serve me or those around me and how holding onto those things hold me back as a teacher and an active participant in my relationships with others. I want to give back in a way that has never felt more feasible in the past and am excited to see what the future holds."

Danielle G

"“The best decision of my life was attending this program. Entering the program I felt incomplete as a person, leaving the program I feel complete. It has opened me up and empowered me to create a new way of being, which is full of possibilities.”"

Tim K

Ready To Move Beyond Borders?

open now

Nov 16, 2019 - Nov 23, 2019

Monterey, CA

Refuge by the Sea

Starting at $3,940 USD


Celebrated as Monterey Peninsula’s “Refuge by the Sea” – Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds is a breathtakingly gorgeous 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront land. Situated within the quaint and scenic town of Monterey, Asilomar offers guests the simple comforts of cozy cottages and historic lodges – and an unforgettable escape from the demands of everyday life.

Tuition & Housing

Tuition includes your lodging and meals for the duration of the training. Your $500 non-refundable deposit (paid upon completion of the application) will be applied to your tuition.  The remaining tuition amount is due 4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

You have the option of paying your tuition in full upon registration to receive promotional pricing which is indicated with each accommodation type below.  If you choose to pay your tuition in instalments, the deadline to pay in full is October 19, 2019.

For residential programs, Baptiste yoga offers a selection of accommodation options, including gender inclusive housing when choosing to room with others. Gender inclusive means that participants are assigned a roommate regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, identity, or expression. Gender-inclusive housing is completely voluntary. You will be prompted on your registration form to choose the selection that best meets your needs.

Single Room

During this training which occurs in a group setting, single rooms offer the peace and privacy you may desire.

$5,014 Installments

Double Room

The double rooms come with two twin beds and private bathroom.

$4,400 Installments


The triple rooms have 2 twin beds and 1 cot - providing a great and economical way to attend this life changing program.

$4,137 Installments

If you would like to arrive early or depart later than the dates of the program, please contact the Asilomar venue directly to make these arrangements.

What to Bring / Required

  • Journal and pen
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga block
  • Yoga strap
  • Refillable water bottle, gatorade or other electrolyte replenisher
  • Plenty of yoga clothes
  • Towels or yogi toes for sweaty asana practice

Arrival Information

Room check in is from 4:00pm – 5:15 pm. We require all participants to arrive onsite and check in by 5:15pm on Saturday November 16, 2019.

In order to maintain the integrity of the program and to uphold your commitment to show up 100%, we cannot allow any late arrivals.

Departure Information

You are required to be on site until the completion of program.

The program will end on Friday November 22, 2019 by 10:00pm.  Your accommodations include the night of November 22nd. We request all participants fly out on Saturday November 23rd as it is a requirement to stay until the completion of the training Friday night to receive your Level Three Letter of Attendance.  We recommend departing from the venue anytime after 9:00am on Saturday November 23rd, although you are welcome to depart as early as 6:00am.

Hot to Get to Asilomar

Physical Address:

Asilomar Conference Grounds

800 Asilomar Ave

Monterey, CA 93950

Front desk phone: 888-635-5310


By air:

The Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) is just 8 miles from Asilomar, while Mineta San Jose International (SJC) is 80 miles to the North and San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 110 miles to the North.

Local taxi companies service the Monterey Regional Airport, as does the Monterey-Salinas Transit bus system. Airport shuttle service to and from San Jose and San Francisco airports can be arranged in advance through Monterey Airbus by calling 831.373.7777 or visiting the Monterey Airbus website.

By car:

From San Francisco / San Jose:

Asilomar is approximately 120 miles south of downtown San Francisco (about 105 miles from San Francisco International Airport) and about 75 miles south of San Jose.

  • Take 101 south to 156 West.
  • Take 156 West to Highway 1 South, through Monterey to the Pebble Beach / Pacific Grove exit, turn right on Holman Highway / 68 West.
  • Stay on Highway 68 West/Holman Highway for 3.5 miles until it becomes a city street called Forest Avenue.
  • Continue on Forest Avenue for about 1 mile and make a left turn onto Sinex Avenue.
  • In just under 1 mile, Sinex Avenue ends right at the front gates to Asilomar.

Please refer to the Asilomar website for complete and detailed information on how to arrive at the venue.

Travel Resources

For your convenience, we partner with CB Travel to assist you in purchasing flights and to assist you in arranging accommodations outside of program dates if needed. CB Travel offers their services for a fee of $29 (domestic) and $35 (international). This includes monitoring your flights, assisting you with any cancellations or changes while you are traveling and emergency after hours assistance.

Christopherson Business Travel

Baptiste dedicated phone line: 888-399-3429

Baptiste dedicated email: [email protected]

**When calling to make your arrangements please be prepared to provide your official TSA information (name as it appears on your driver’s license or passport, your birth date and passport number if you are traveling internationally), frequent flyer number(s) and credit card number.

Travel Insurance

Travel Guard offers affordable trip protection plans that guard against an extensive list of reasons for cancellation. Specifically, we recommend The Gold plan from Travel Guard which offers you protection against trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay, medical expenses and other issues that could occur while you are away from home. This offer is available to those who are US and Canadian residents only, however if you reside outside of those countries we do recommend that you make arrangements for travel protection elsewhere. Visit Travel Guard online for your own personal travel quote.

Registration is open for Monterey, CA