Hybrid Level One: Journey Into Power, Immersion and Teacher Training

Starts January 27th, 2022

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Hybrid Level One: Journey Into Power, Immersion and Teacher Training

Starts January 27th, 2022

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What is Hybrid Level One?

Hybrid Level One is a core 3 week program with weekly live sessions occurring over the 3 weeks. You will have access to the course content for 6 weeks total and the same length of time to complete the program.

This online program provides total immersion as well as an education in the foundational principles of True North Alignment and Journey Into Power; the primary postural sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga. Hybrid Level One is created to be a self-paced online training and development program completed over the course of three to six weeks.

Hybrid Level One includes:

In this virtual program, you will build your voice, self-expression, embody technical knowledge and learn the fundamental Methodology of Baptiste Power Yoga with our step-by-step process. Whether it’s your first workshop and training or your twentieth, we will be there every step of the way with you.

This is the same step-by-step process and approach our graduates have used to impact and contribute to tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years.

Through Hybrid Level One, you will…

Sharpen Your Practice

Develop and grow your personal practice and learn to LEAD the Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence, Journey Into Power.

Lead and Instruct

Become eligible to receive a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential

Embody New Thinking and Knowledge

Explore a new way of thinking, and alter what’s possible in the integration of your personal practice and professional life

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Instructor-led Lessons. Self-led Practice. Your opportunity to grow, at your pace.
EACH WEEK you will engage with pre-recorded and live sessions led by Baron Baptiste, top trainers and coaches. Weekly sessions will consist of Baptiste Power Yoga practices, meditations, inquiry, discussions, skill development exercises, execution workshops and coaching.

Interactive Training:
Join us weekly over the core 3 weeks on Zoom for real time interactive webinar instruction with a focus on learning and embodying the fundamental principles and Methodology of the Journey Into Power postural sequence.

Self-Led Practice:
Outside of synchronous webinars, dive into Hybrid Level One pre-recorded video and audio lectures, physical practices, posture workshops, meditations and interactive coaching webinars.

Timeline: You will have access to all program content for a period of 6 weeks, allowing you to self-pace and complete in your own time if unable to complete within the recommended 3-week time frame.

At the conclusion of the program there is an optional multiple-choice exam, which if passed, provides you with a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential.

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Join Online From Anywhere In The World!

Get access to this FREE 45 minute session with Baron Baptiste where he will share his thoughts on how to get unstuck in your life. The Breathing Practice referred to in this Masterclass is not available in this replay.

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What People Are Saying About Hybrid Level One:

“This program dives deep into your self and opens you up to new possibilities you did not know you were capable of. It pushes you to be your best and challenges you to improve yourself. The asana, breathwork and meditation are powerful tools for our innerself.”

“This program is so much more than learning how to teach yoga. It is really about using the practices to uncover yourself so that you can show up better for yourself and those around you.”

“I joined the Hybrid Level One program with zero expectations; yet with purpose of a Baptiste yoga immersion. The experience brought me to a higher connection with self; a strong being in Sat Nam ; and a renewed alignment both physically and mentally. The shift I feel, and the new energy I create reverberates through me and into my relationships.”

“Level one allowed me to discover new potential in my practice and everyday life. It allowed me to let go of old and make room for new growth and have a fresh perspective on how to approach my mat. It helped me understand the foundation and principles of Baptiste yoga to realign and adjust my entire practice. I’m ready to share the knowledge and insight gained from this training.”

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Who is Hybrid Level One for?

Come with experience, or come from square one. No matter your level of previous yoga training or development, Hybrid Level One offers an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a highly effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

How does the program flow?

EACH WEEK you will engage with pre-recorded and live sessions led by Baron Baptiste, top trainers and coaches. Weekly sessions consist of Baptiste Power Yoga practices, meditations, inquiries, discussions, skill development exercises, execution workshops and coaching.

You will also attend weekly live Zoom webinars over the core 3 weeks, where participants can engage with Baptiste Power Yoga top trainers as well as receive coaching through the basic Methodology, principles and foundational postural sequence to enable and support you in developing skillfulness and embodied technical knowledge.

Zoom Webinar Calls approximately twice every week during the primary 3 weeks of the program. All Zoom Webinar Calls are recorded and available for later viewing at your own pace.

Live Zoom Webinar Calls are not mandatory. They are, however, highly recommended for you to achieve the results that you intend from this training.

The Live Zoom Webinar Calls will be recorded so if it is impossible for you to attend one of them, you will be provided a recording on your Dashboard to use at your own convenience within the 6 week period.

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Hybrid Level One Begins: Thursday January 27, 2022 and the core 3 weeks will run until Thursday February 17, 2022. You will have access to the content for 6 weeks total (ending on March 10, 2022).

Live Zoom Webinars will occur weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the core 3 weeks.

Each Zoom Webinar will be recorded for later viewing.

BONUS – We will be holding a Level One in Action Post Program Inquiry Masterclass on Thursday March 17, 2022 for those who complete Hybrid Level One January 2022. This Masterclass is to complete Hybrid Level One as a community and to provide you with clear tools to lead the Baptiste Methodology.


  1. Read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. You can purchase it here.
  2. Memorize the Journey Into Power Sequence as written on the Journey Into Power PDF (available here), including the names of each sequence and each of the poses within the 11 sequences.


Hybrid Level One Tuition: $1,997. You have the option of paying your tuition in full upon registration or to pay in monthly instalments through Split It.

There is a $500 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit (cannot be used for a future program upon cancellation or transfer) that is included upon completion of your registration and will be applied to your tuition.

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