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Level One: Journey Into Power (Virtual)

Aspiring & Driven Yoga Instructors…


Baptiste Institute is in search of the select few who want to unleash their true potential as a yoga instructor. (You?)

Level One: Journey Into Power (Virtual) is not for everyone.


Don’t get left behind.


Level One: Journey Into Power (Virtual)

Aspiring & Driven Yoga Instructors…


Baptiste Institute is in search of the select few who want to unleash their true potential as a yoga instructor. (You?)

Level One: Journey Into Power (Virtual) is not for everyone.


Don’t get left behind.



Level One: Journey Into Power is a certification program designed for people who are serious about their yoga practice and committed to improvement. Level One is a highly impactful accelerated learning experience designed to unlock and up-level the quality of your personal and professional life. 

While it may be true that Level One: Journey Into Power isn’t for everyone, it is also true that it is for ANYone.

Regardless of your background or experience, this program can bring about positive results if you put in the effort. Whether you’re a professional sitter, a former athlete, or have faced challenges such as MS, obesity, or brain injury, this practice can work for you.

When you enroll in this certification program, you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to growth, development, and self-discovery.

Together, you’ll embark on a journey of personal growth and professional development. You’ll learn to lead with confidence, inspire others, and create meaningful connections through the power of yoga.

Are you ready to push yourself to the limit, embrace the challenge, and become the best version of yourself?

“The easy path leads to the hard life, and the hard path leads to the easy life.”


“What is Level One?”

The Baptiste Power Yoga Level One: Journey Into Power certification training is a transformative, life-changing journey that will ignite your passion for the practice and equip you with the tools to share that transformation with others.

Baptiste Yoga has been one of the most recognizable brands in Yoga since 1940. In that time, we’ve created thousands of instructors worldwide. 

We train our instructors how to unleash their inner strength, power, and purpose, and propel themselves toward realizing their full potential.

In Level One: Journey Into Power…

You will delve deep into the fundamentals of Baptiste Power Yoga, learn to sequence dynamic and challenging classes, and develop a mastery of hands-on adjustments and modifications.

With an emphasis on alignment and mindfulness, you will be provided with the skills and confidence to help students of all levels and abilities move beyond their limits and tap into their own inner power.

You will gain a newfound sense of self-assurance and self-awareness that extends far beyond the mat. Your newfound confidence will shine through in your teaching, and in all areas of your life.

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How is it Different?

Baptiste Yoga journeys beyond physical exercise.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, originating in ancient India as a holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. At Baptiste Yoga, we honor this rich history and philosophy, and our program is grounded in these traditional roots.

Our approach to yoga views the body as a holistic and perfect entity. By reshaping and integrating the physical structure, we create balance with gravity for functional strength and flexibility in daily life. This goes beyond just physical exercise to promote a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and the benefits of a more holistic approach.

The practices and techniques we use aim for a positive mindset and strive for the best outcomes. They are hands-on, self-empowering, and invigorating, leading to lasting life-changing results. Baptiste Yoga incorporates traditional techniques such as breath work, meditation, and inquiry to create a holistic practice.

Level One: Journey Into Power offers a unique opportunity to equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to become a successful and self-sustaining yoga teacher.

By embracing the Baptiste Methodology, you’ll gain a deep understanding of physical challenge, self-discovery, and leadership, and learn how to cultivate a thriving community of students who are passionate about their practice.

The knowledge and skills you’ll acquire in just 6-weeks of Level One will last a lifetime and provide you with a valuable skill set that can generate income and stability. Investing in this program is not just an investment in your career — it’s an investment in your future, your financial security, and your personal growth.

What are the 3 Essential Practices & Techniques of Baptiste Yoga?

Asana, Meditation, and Inquiry make up the 3 Essential Practices & Techniques of Baptiste Yoga.

Asana: The Journey Into Power

The Baptiste Power Yoga approach transforms the body through natural, effective, and efficient axial movements in the Journey Into Power Sequence.

The 11 sequences in Journey Into Power each have their own intention and integrate elements such as drishti, breath, core power, lines of action, whole-body integration, muscle action, range of motion, flexibility, speed of action, work, power, and freedom.

The postures are fluid, functional, universal, and essential. They use bodyweight as resistance, performed with a wave-like contraction and expansion from the core to the extremities and back to Tadasana, the reference point or true north.

Meditation: A Path to Awareness and Empowerment

Meditation is more than “sitting still”.

In the Baptiste Methodology, it’s a path to mental and emotional well-being that leads to a new, empowering perspective.

When you separate internal thoughts and emotions from present experiences, you can live an even more fully awake and aware life. In Level One: Journey Into Power, you explore the mind-body connection with Baron Baptiste.

In the end, you tap deeper into your inner power to create lasting change in all areas of your life.

Inquiry: The Art of Self-Reflection

The art of self-reflection that goes beyond the physical.

Through rigorous self-examination, you’ll find greater health, freedom, and power in all areas of your life.

With the Baptiste Methodology, you’ll experience a profound shift in your life as you discover how to be at peace with what is and take effective action in the areas that matter most.

Through Inquiry, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world, leading to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

What Can I Expect?

The Level One: Journey Into Power Virtual Training is an immersive experience. With virtual instruction from the comfort of your own home, you’ll receive personalized guidance in understanding and teaching True North Alignment and the primary postural sequences of Baptiste Power Yoga’s Journey Into Power.

Explore modules and lessons at your own pace over 6-weeks, with the support of a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you.

This core Baptiste Yoga program is the best in class of vinyasa yoga teacher training, offering 3-weeks of live sessions, interaction with instructors, and coaching. Then you get an additional 3-weeks to access and study all materials. You may dive as deep as you desire — learning at your own pace for a total of 6-weeks.

By the end of the program, you will not only have a deep understanding of Baptiste Power Yoga’s teachings and techniques — you will also develop a newfound confidence in yourself and your abilities to lead others.

Through daily Asana, Meditation, and Inquiry practices, you will dive into self-reflection and exploration, leading to greater self-awareness and a shift in your mindset. You will leave the program with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to lead your own powerful yoga classes, and to continue your own personal and professional growth.

The First 3 Weeks of Your Journey Into Power

Unlock Your Full Potential

Over 40 hours of online training guides you step-by-step to become an even more effective and inspiring Baptiste Power Yoga teacher and practitioner. 

Online Training includes:

  • On-demand video and audio lectures,
  • Physical practices,
  • Posture workshops,
  • Meditations, 
  • Interactive coaching webinars
  • And more!

Immerse Yourself in Live Instruction

Join Baron Baptiste and our experienced trainers and coaches in weekly Zoom calls.

Dive even deeper into Journey Into Power Sequences, practices, meditations, and inquiry. You get live instruction, support, and all your questions answered.

Accelerate Your Skills and Confidence

Take part in online discussions, skill development exercises, execution workshops, and coaching.

You will also learn from Baptiste Power Yoga’s top trainers, develop embodied technical knowledge, and build your confidence as a teacher.

Craft Your Own Path Forward

Create your own customized step-by-step action plan for integrating your Level One experience into the rest of your life. You get guidance and support every step of the way.

The Next 3-Weeks of Your Journey Into Power

Time to Master Your Craft

Elevate your practice with 3 additional weeks of self-directed study and preparation. During this period, access all on-demand video sessions, hone your skills, and solidify your understanding of Baptiste Power Yoga.

Get Exam-Ready

With the support of our on-demand video lessons and additional study time, you’ll be well-prepared to take the Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential Exam. Prove your mastery of the Baptiste Methodology and earn your instructor designation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program suitable for beginners or those with limited yoga experience?

Come with experience or come from square one. No matter your level of previous yoga training or development, Level One: Journey Into Power offers an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a highly effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

This program is meant for anyone with a deep desire to grow, including:

  • ANY skill level
  • ANY adult age
  • ANY body type
  • ANY background
  • ANY language

While previous experience with Baptiste Power Yoga may give you a stronger starting point, this program was designed to support individuals who are coming in as beginner yoga practitioners as well. In other words, however you show up to the training is perfect.

The only thing we ask is that you have a desire to grow and show up fully. At Level One: Journey Into Power we expect nothing but ask that you bring your absolute all.  

Why Baptiste Power Yoga Level One Teacher Training?

As Shakespeare said, “you know who you are, and know not who you could be.”

Perhaps you’re simply inspired to teach or up-level and elevate your teaching. 

Perhaps you’re looking to grow in new ways or advance your yoga practice.

Perhaps someone suggested that you need this Training… 

Or maybe it’s some other challenge in your life.

Whether it’s dealing with stressful or unfulfilling work experiences, facing loneliness, anxiety, low energy, relationship challenges, or even being stuck in a physical body that you’d love to shape up and revitalize…

Level One will provide you with a complete way through.

How is the program delivered?

On-demand video and audio lectures, physical practices, posture workshops, meditations, and interactive coaching webinars are accessible in a secure training portal. Live sessions with Baron Baptiste and our experienced trainers and coaches are delivered via Zoom.

Why online power yoga teacher training?

It’s difficult to leave your practice, your family, and your responsibilities behind for three weeks to attend the in-person training. In addition, the cost of these programs is prohibitive to many people.

Level One Virtual gives you all the live instruction and individual attention that in-person training offers, but allows you to learn from your own home at a much lower cost than other programs.

How do the live sessions work?

Zoom Webinar Calls will take place approximately twice every week during the primary 3 weeks of the program.

What if I miss a live session?

The Live Zoom Webinar Calls are not mandatory. They are, however, highly recommended for you to achieve the results that you intend from this training.

All Live Zoom Webinar Calls will be recorded, so if it is impossible for you to attend one of them you will be provided a recording on your Dashboard to use at your own convenience within the 6-week period.

Does Level One lead to Certification?

Level One: Journey Into Power is a Certified Yoga Teacher Training that leads to a Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential. At the conclusion of the Training, there is a multiple-choice Exam, and upon successful completion of Level One, you are now eligible to begin your Certification Pathway.

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What Do Past Students Say?

“Life Changing!”

[Level One: Journey Into Power] was life changing. I can’t even put into words what a difference it has made in my life.

– Kelly Alagna (Austin, Texas)

“I Was Skeptical!”

This was truly a life changing experience. I was skeptical that I wouldn’t undergo any significant change to my way of life, but I was open and I am profoundly changed. I have more purpose to my life then I can remember having in the last 10 years.

– Robert Cochran (Helena, Montana)

“The More You Commit… The More You Gain”

If you come in with the willingness to be forever changed, then you will be. This program is designed in such a way where the more you commit to the exercises, the more you will gain as a human being.

– Samantha Maloney (Hillsborough, New Jersey)

“Satisfied and Fulfilled!”

Level 1 is an absolute game changer. I had no idea what to expect but I never anticipated that I would walk away this satisfied and fulfilled. When people say you should pay for experiences instead of things THIS is what they are talking about.

– Jon Spitz (Buffalo, New York)

“Made Me the Person I am Today”

I will carry the experience of Level One training with me for the rest of my life, the training is truly informational, and made me the person I am today.

– Dean Pollock (St. Catharines, Ontario)

“A New Understanding of My Own Practice”

I left with a new understanding of myself and to possibilities for the future. I also came away with a much deeper understanding of my own practice, and an enthusiasm for teaching others. Thank you for making all of this possible.

– Wylie Peterson (San Francisco, California)

“I Left With a Completely Full Heart”

I came to Level One with an open mind and am pleased to say that I left with a completely full heart. I got that it’s time to turn up the heat in all areas of my life and continue to sit in this fire of transformation. What an inspiring week full of conversation, challenges, support and humanity. Thank You!!

– Stephanie Gilrein (South Yarmouth, Massachusetts)



Level One Virtual begins Tuesday October 24, 2023 and the core 3 weeks will run until Tuesday November 14, 2023. You will have access to the content for 6 weeks total (ending on December 5, 2023).

Live Zoom Webinars will occur weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00pm EST over the core 3 weeks. Each Zoom Webinar will be recorded for later viewing.



  1. You will be required to read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. You will be required to read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. You can purchase a hard copy of the new 2022 Edition here or an audio version here.
  2. Memorize the Journey Into Power Sequence as written on the Journey Into Power PDF (available here), including the names of each sequence and each of the poses within the 11 sequences.


Level One Virtual Tuition: $1,997. You have the option of paying your tuition in full upon registration or to pay in monthly instalments through Split It.

There is a $500 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit (cannot be used for a future program upon cancellation or transfer) that is included upon completion of your registration and will be applied to your tuition.

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No matter what’s coming up for you in your life right now… Level One will serve you right where you stand, open new pathways of possibility and support your journey to lifelong health, fulfillment, and contribution.

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