Own your classroom environment and the results you want to create

Certify as a Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher

Create & lead authentic communities

Welcome to Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey.

This is your opportunity to take your next big step towards becoming an effective and fully expressed leader of groups.

You will enter an entirely new level when you become a confident teacher and leader who owns your classroom environment and is completely related to the results you want to create.

During Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey, your deeper, more rigorous, and most fulfilling work begins. You will gain the power to create deep authentic community and BELONGING wherever and whenever you teach… discovering that you are one OF many, not one IN many.

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Aside from the continued education, strengthening, opening and unfoldment you can count on in any Baptiste Immersion Program, this program is designed to awaken your unbounded self expression while further developing and deepening everything you’ve received from Level One: Journey Into Power.

And as you also know from your Level One: Journey Into Power experience…

The Sannyasin’s Journey is NOT for those wanting a getaway retreat on the beach. Expect the rigor that allows your body, mind and spirit to unfold beyond known limits.

A Sannyasin is a seeker of truth who has and follows a bigger purpose. At Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey, this real and rigorous work begins. You and your peers will bring the commitment required to do the excavation that gets at what works, and what doesn’t work in your practice and in your teaching. What this gives you is the key to skillfully practice and teach yoga from an inspired purpose.

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The Promise

The promise of Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is that you will leave the training standing in a new kind of power and purpose as practitioner and teacher of The Baptiste Methodology™. In this training you will transform what’s holding you back in your practice, in your teaching, and in your life, allowing for your next level of empowered expression and skillfulness to unfold.

Real Work. Real Results.

Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is structured to meet the following primary goals for attendees:

  1. Upgrade and up-level your self-expression with leading groups.
  2. Elevate your technical knowledge and the skill set for leading the Journey Into Power sequence and the Organizing Principles of True North Alignment.
  3. Deepen your capacity for how to apply the Baptiste Methodology in ways that make a real, lasting difference for you and the other lives you touch.

In one week, you will…

  • Eradicate your own limitations blocking your calling and your career.
  • Break barriers of self-judgement.
  • Discover how your words create your world.
  • Exhibit effective ways of being and personal presence in the classroom.
  • Identify and develop essential qualities of an effective instructor.
  • Engage and inspire your students with your authentic voice and presence.
  • Explore and improve your own vibrant body language.
  • Refine, detail and empower your own yoga practice.

Program Description

This program is intended to leave you with a life altering transformation. Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is about the power of speaking and the power of listening.

In this training, you will upgrade your technical knowledge and skill set for leading the Baptiste Yoga Journey Into Power sequence and Organizing Principles of True North Alignment.

You will have the opportunity to step into your boldest, most expressive, and clearest Self, so you can touch and inspire your students and peers with a newfound empowered expression.

You will deepen your grasp and capacity of how to apply the Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology in ways that make a real, lasting difference for you and the other lives you touch.

Program Learning Objectives

Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey is a live weeklong training designed to support you to unlock and up-level your ability to lead and teach Baptiste Power Yoga classes.

You will gain the tools to take your teaching, practice, and life to new heights of fulfilment, accomplishment and contribution.

  • Asana

    As an access to vitality, power and freedom.

    Experiential Learning Objectives Through Asana Workshops

    • Demonstrate the art and mastery of teaching and practicing: Look, Listen and Give Tools.
    • Work inside of True North Alignment along with other tools and specific measures, resulting in the ability to perform from empowered expression.
    • Build capacity in these delivery practices to develop skillfulness.

    Daily Practices

    Daily large-group practices are conducted to provide real-time examples to help you bridge the gap between theory and on the mat practice.

    These daily asana practices provide the opportunity to empower your own practice as well as examples of how to effectively:

    • Master the Baptiste Yoga Journey Into Power sequence AS IS so you can then explore deeper.
    • Conduct a Baptiste Power Yoga class and create an extraordinary practice experience. Hold a standard of proper mechanics, flow and intensity.
    • Scale the practice and postures for ANY ability level.
    • Apply the fundamental Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology on the mat in real time.
  • Meditation

    As an access to getting present and awakening.

    At Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey you will continue to experience the simple power of a meditation practice. In our group meditations you will break through the resistance and get into the fundamentals of sitting, disrupting the mental drift, and giving up what you must to get empty. If you come from nothing, what can you create? The daily meditation practices build upon each other throughout the week and support the integration of the overall weeklong journey of Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey.

  • Inquiry

    As an access to discovery and new possibilities.

    What could happen if you brought pure listening into the areas of your life where you do not currently listen?

    During inquiry sessions, you will have the opportunity to separate the story from the experience, so you can use language to empower you. What you say IS your life. You will participate in exercises designed to have you discover how listening shapes our speaking.

  • Practice Teaching

    This is your opportunity to experience a REAL classroom setting with observable measures. Practice teaching sessions are designed for each and every attendee to have a breakthrough in their experiences of their own fullest self expression. These sessions are conducted so you can develop your ability to speak, listen, and direct with purity and confidence. Through hands on experience, you will adopt the proven methodology to create positive impact in your student’s body, mind and heart.

Program Prerequisites

This is the second training in our weeklong training programs:

  • Level One: Journey Into Power
  • Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey
  • Level Three: Beyond Borders

Each builds upon the next and must be completed in consecutive order.

Certification Credential Requisites

To receive a Level Two Letter of Attendance, one must attend the entire six and a half day training (8 a.m.- 10 p.m. most days). This means:

  • 100 percent attendance to all sessions.
  • 100 percent participation in all break-work assignments.
  • 100 percent participation in all practices (all practices can and will be scaled appropriately for individuals with unique needs).

Letters of Attendance are emailed upon completion of the program survey.

Affiliation Requisites

Upon successful completion of Level One: Journey Into Power, you are eligible to apply for Affiliation. Therefore, Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey participants are eligible and encouraged to Affiliate.

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What to Expect

Some nights may end as early as 7pm; some nights have gone as late as 11pm. The training includes experiential learning and hands-on instruction through meditation practice, self-inquiry topics and Baptiste Power Yoga practice, as well as practice teaching sessions. Expect the transformational intensity of Baptiste Power Yoga immersive weeklong trainings, with the unique programming only found at Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey. As this is a dynamic program, the schedule is subject to change.

Daily Schedule


Early Morning Session | Approximately 8:00am


Morning Session


Afternoon Session


Late Afternoon Session


Possible Evening Session

Participating in Level Two: The Sannyasin’s Journey does not require you to currently teach nor have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own growth and to fulfilling on what matters most to you. This includes being on time to all sessions, being coachable in the moment and being open to trying on what is offered.

Who Should Join

Developing yoga teachers and practitioners

Community changemakers and leaders of groups

Those looking to build a thriving business from a practice you love

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You are an aspiring yoga teacher.
  • You are a career yoga teacher.
  • You are an affiliate owner or staff member and you want to build a thriving business and make a real difference for others out of the practice you love.
  • You want the profound results of this immersion training.
  • You have a calling to positively transform communities.
  • You are ready to discover new dimensions of your self expression with groups.
  • You are set to reach the next level of your yoga practice.
  • You are ready to fall (back) in love with yoga and/or teaching.

The Baptiste Institute believes in developing and sustaining communities that are welcoming and inclusive and exists to disrupt the drift. Standing together sets us apart! We awaken and empower human beings to live in wholeness and full potencia as a moment to moment experience. We support the masses in discovering their purpose and provide structures to follow it. We are here to alter what is possible for ALL people.

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What People are saying about Level Two

"I never even considered getting certified until I came to Level Two. Now that is a new goal of mine. It is my honor and I truly feel my duty to continue to share the magic of Level Two and Baptiste Yoga so I am able to fully share and inspire others in my community."

Shelley R

"What else can I say other than the programs are worth every penny spent, mile traveled, and time away from life. The programs have shown me a way to live a lighter, fuller and more meaningful life."

Darin F

"This was a life changing experience for me."

Lucas W

"This was the most transformational week of my life! I have so much momentum to continue teaching/sharing/creating, but I've also opened up in a whole new way. There are so many new possibilities and doors open to me now."

Kelly K

"Amazing and profound program. The best experience in my life! It’s changed all my relationships."

Derek S

"Level two has helped me to presence my power in my teaching and when and where I fall out of it. My students have been amazed by this new send of energy in my class. It has also helped me create a new sense of connection with my students by allowing them them to see me helping to generate greater sense of community in my classes."

Mark Q

"Level Two enabled me to use essential language to uplift and empower the students and get my teaching out of my head and into the room, into the bodies and hearts of the students."

Jennifer H

"My greatest takeaway from Level 2 was that I am who I am, dropping my need to be a certain way or to get it right freed me to be my authentic self in whatever version of that showed up in relationships with friends and family. Releasing the need to look good allowed my life/teaching to become more powerful, dropping the script and realize that its not about what I have to say, allowing the Journey Into Power and the Baptiste Methodology speak for me. From Level 2 my Baptiste Journey has shifted from my own personal journey to a Communal Journey, my success is tied to the success of those around me. Like the African proverb says "If you want to go fast go alone, if you far go with others."

Sean W

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